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Top Five Android Apps For Bloggers: A Effective Blogging

We live in a world of Smartphones and Smartphone applications. We can find apps for almost anything. The article shares a few Android Apps For Bloggers on the Android platform.

We live in a time where technology has become part of every facet of our life. We are so dependent on technology that our lives would come to a standstill without it. The latest trend is that of Smartphones and mobile applications. The smartphone users are increasing day after day and so is the demand of Android Apps for bloggers. There are thousands of apps there are available in the market and more apps hit the stores every day.

Android has beaten all odds and is now the market leader and Android apps for bloggers are in great demand. Android apps are used by many and if you look at the Play store you will find apps for almost any kind of task or need. You will find apps for all kinds of people.

Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers

If you are a blogger then Android has some great apps that can help you. A blogger can have many things at hand and it would become very difficult for to manage everything in the right way. In such situations bloggers can use these apps and can make their tasks easier and fruitful. So let’s have a look at some of these Android apps for bloggers that are beneficial to them.


Top Five Android Apps For Bloggers

1. Remember your Ideas with Evernote

Android EvernoteWhen you are a blogger you will get spontaneous ideas which sometimes we forget their ideas and thoughts later. So when you need to make the post we are not able to recollect things that you thought of before.

If this happens to you the EverNote is the best app for you. EverNote will help you to make notes and help you to save your ideas and schedule your activities. You can download this app for free and store any number of ideas, thoughts, and activities.


2. WordPress App for WordPress Bloggers

Download WordPress App for AndroidWordPress is the biggest blogging platform and now you also have a WordPress app. Basically you can post blogs, view comments, and reply to them. This app will allow you to operate your WordPress blog anytime and anywhere. This app is also freely available to you and you can take advantage of it by downloading it.


3. Put a Full stop with Writer

Download Writer Android AppWhen you are working from your smartphone you will get a lot of distractions like pop ups and chats etc. These distractions will prove to be a hindrance in your writing and sometimes when you are writing and you face hindrances then the blog post will not come out as good as you want it to be. With the help of Writer you can stop all these distractions and concentrate solely on your blog.


4. Complete Your Tasks easily with Springpad

Springpad For AndroidSpringpad is an award winning app which is especially for bloggers. Just like in EverNote here also you can take down notes and prepare your lists of tasks and also record voice reminders in order to manage all your tasks easily and efficiently.

Part from this this app uses integrated web clipper to save products from the internet and later on you can search the price of the product using the barcode scanner which is attached to the app. This app like the other is available for free at the Play store. It is an ideal app for any blogger.


5. Make easy notes with FreeNote

FreeNote For AndroidLike the other Android apps for bloggers, you can also take notes with these applications easily. The best feature of this app is that you can write in your own handwriting or else use the keypad. You can also set an alarm and calendar with this application. You also have many other features apart from this.

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