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6 Apps You’ll Never Use – Until You Need Them

Everyone has Facebook and Twitter, Angry Birds and Candy Crush. These apps are great to pass the time, but not much help in emergencies.

But there’s good news: there are tons of apps that are made for emergencies. The only trick is finding them. Check below six apps you should download before you need them.


Apps You’ll Never Use Until You Need Them


Best Must Have 6 Apps You’ll Never Use


You won’t know you need it until: An unfortunate texting incident

tXtblocker AppYou know you shouldn’t text and drive – or text and study, or text and work. But sometimes, it’s hard to resist. Get rid of temptation with tXtblocker. Block incoming texts and calls during specific times and in specific locations: when you’re driving, when you’re at school, or when you’re on the job.

At $6.99 per month, it’s is a small price to pay for safety and productivity. tXtblocker is available for Blackberry, Android, HTC, and Samsung phones, with iOS and Windows capability coming soon.


Last Resort

You won’t know you need it until: Your phone dies

Last Resort AppThere’s nothing more irritating than a dead phone when you’re nowhere near a charger. Never let friends, family members, or coworkers think you’re blowing them off again with Last Resort. Last Resort, currently available on Android for $0.99, automatically sends a message to selected contacts when your phone is about to die.

You can choose when you want the message to send, what you want it to say, and who you want to send it to.


Find My Phone

You won’t know you need it until: You lose your phone

Find My Phone AppThe only thing more aggravating than a dead phone is a lost phone. Locate your phone after you misplace it with Find My Phone, which allows you to see the location of your lost phone on another device with just the push of a button. You can also use Find My Phone to track the location of friends, relatives, spouses, and children who approve your access. Find My Phone is free for Android and iPhone.



You won’t know you need it until: You’re stuck in traffic

Avoid getting lost and being late with Waze, an app that’s revolutionizing road travel. Waze utilizes millions of drivers across the country to give you travel information in real time. Locate traffic jams, gas stations, accidents, and road hazards, and search community-edited maps for directions.

Waze App

You can also connect Waze to your Facebook account to see where your friends are on the road. Waze is free for Android and iPhone.



You won’t know you need it until: You forget a password

You need a password for almost everything on the Internet, from social media to email to online banking. Keep track of them all in one easy place with 1Password, which allows you to securely store passwords for all your online accounts. You only have to remember a single Master Password.


1Password’s military-grade encryption software can also protect your credit card, passport, bank account, and more. 1Password is $8.99 for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, and Android.



You won’t know you need it until: Your phone is stolen

SecureFolderPro AppWe store a lot of things on our mobile devices: personal photos and videos, contacts, addresses, credit cards, and passwords. Make sure this information doesn’t get into the wrong hands with SecureFolderPro. With SecureFolderPro, you can lock all the private files on your phone with encrypted dot locks or keypad codes.

SecureFolderPro even notifies you about attempted break-ins, identifying intruders by photos and GPS location. SecureFolderPro is currently available for iPhone and iPad, with Windows and Android capability coming soon.

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