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Internet Marketers Android Apps 2012

If you’re an Internet marketers, chances are that you are constantly looking for helpful tools that will keep you up to date on the best marketing practices as well as make your working life easier.

Internet Marketers Android Apps 2012

With today’s technology, you can actually have an arsenal of tools right in the palm of your hand via your Android device. Check out these excellent apps to see if there’s something your bag of tricks is missing:


Best Internet Marketers Android Apps 2012

Marketing Forecast

Of course, the most important data for Internet marketers is what the current marketing trends are.

This app for Android gives Internet marketer the latest information on consumer trends as well as provides valuable content about a plethora of marketing aspects.

Get the current news on brand marketing practices, see what customers are spending money on and learn what the forecast is for the coming weeks.


SEO Automatic Lite

While nothing can replace the ability of a good SEO company working for you, it is important for you to keep track of your SEO efforts.

This Android app allows you to do exactly that by offering reports on what’s good about your site and what may potentially be problematic. The reports are incredibly in-depth for a tool of this type, but that also means a lot of text.

The good news is that you can have the report sent to your email for viewing on a larger device if you prefer.


Enliven Color Blind Aid

One element that many Internet marketers don’t even think to consider is the possibility of colorblind persons visiting the site. Being colorblind changes the way a person sees images, and some colors appear invisible to these people.

This app allows you to see how your site looks to a colorblind person so that you can redesign any elements that may be difficult or impossible to see.

After all, these people are consumers too and deserve the same opportunity to learn about your product or service as anyone else.


Springpad For Internet Marketer

Springpad is a remarkably powerful Android app that mixes elements of productivity, scheduling, social networking, marketing and even e-commerce. If you want to create a reminder, you can.

If you want to scan a barcode for more information, that’s no problem, either. Everything that you advice in this app stays organized and is easily accessible both from your mobile and from the Springpad website.


While there are certainly many other apps that would be helpful to Internet marketers, these are some of the ones you definitely won’t want to miss if you are serious about your marketing career. Give them a try for your next project and see if they help you stay organize, boost your revenue or both!

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