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Most Downloaded Free Android Apps In Year 2012

Android Apps! We live in a world where there are several technological advancements and innovations in almost all sectors of life. With the increasing competition among individuals and business organizations, the need for new technologies is inevitable.

The IT industry has not been sidelined in these innovations. The use of QR codes generator tools is an example of such innovations. Below are the seven most downloaded  Free Android apps in 2012.

Most Downloaded Android Apps In Year 2012

7 Most Downloaded Android Apps In 2012


This Android application allowed users to manage their social networks without difficulty.

Seesmic Android App

  • Initially, Twitter and Facebook accounts had to be managed independently. With the introduction of Seesmic, it is possible to manage them in one place.
  • It supports multiple account operations.
  • The numerous android short cuts allow you to take photos and have a direct access to your Twitter accounts.

Download Seesmic from Google Play


Facebook for Android

This android application has exceptional features that allow users to communicate in real time.

Facebook for Android

  • These additional features make the application allow for fast and stable operations. The simplicity of this application made it hit the market in 2012.
  • It supports group chats and conversations, notifications of comments and likes from friends, and friend requests.

Download Facebook from Google Play


UK Jobs

This application was designed for purposes of searching for jobs in the UK’s job market.

UK Jobs Android App

  • It allows for simple searches of the numerous online jobs available on various websites.
  • Using this application, one can navigate through the website and find the available vacancies.

 Download UK Jobs From Google Play



The Hotmail application allows the user to manage multiple Hotmail accounts.

Hotmail Outlook Android App

  • This android application allows the user to receive notifications concerning their Hotmail accounts with ease.
  • One keeps updated with Microsoft’s changes to your mail site.

Download Hotmail From Google Play

And Outlook is official Microsoft application.

  • Outlook gives you easy access to
  • You can easily send/receive emails from your account from Android device.

Download Outlook From Google Play


Google Sky Map

This android application allows you to view the stars and planets by simply pointing your phone towards the sky.

Google Sky Map Android App

  • The main advantage of this android application is that it also works indoors.
  • Using the application, you are able to learn what constellations are visible in the sky.

Download Google Sky Map From Google Play



This application is responsible for relaying information about social media.


  • With the Google application, you can have access to Google maps and is used by over twenty five million people across the world.
  • The application allows you to view the places you have visited or those you are intending to visit.
  • It was mainly used by travelers who had interests in the places they visited.
  • This app helps to make the most of where you are.

It is among the best Android apps that gained popularity in 2012.

Download Foursquare From Google Play



This augmented reality platform dominated the market in the year 2012 with its digital ” layers” that displayed on the phone’s camera, thus enhancing your visibility.

Layer Android App

  • Using this android application, you can experience the whole world in its real sense using the links and videos of different locations around the world.
  • It has the capability to scan objects aided by the links and other add-ons available on the application.
  • It has magazines, news papers, and other content. Essentially, the application is user interactive and simple.

Download Layer From Google Play


These free android apps brought a great change in style as well as convenience in using computers and mobile phones. They came with additional features that made mobile phones and computers more user-friendly. The QR code generator allowed users to turn any image into a QR code, thus allowing for dynamic code editing. These new android apps that ruled the market in 2012 revolutionized the world of computers, and their effects are still being felt to date.


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