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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus – which one rocked at gaming

Some would say that the smartphone madness was triggered by Apple. While that might be true, the acclaimed phablet category in the gaming industry was invented by Samsung. The first Galaxy Note came in 2011, when it shocked its first audience at IFA in Berlin. Over 10 million units were sold over the years, so it was only natural for Apple to feel threatened.

It’s been 4 years since Samsung revealed the unusual phablet, and right now we’re facing a new competition between the latest iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Which of these two do you think it’s better at gaming? Let’s have a closer look at the facts.

iPhone 6 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

General design

The iPhone was never the largest smartphone on the market, and Apple didn’t care that Samsung’s phones were getting bigger and bigger. That was until earlier this year when the iPhone 6 Plus came out. The device has a 5.5 inch screen, and apparently it is perfectly made for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung’s Note 4 on the other hand, has 5.7 inch, which is even better because more complex games need to have larger screens in order to allow the player to access the commands faster. In terms of video quality, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has a 1400 x 2560 Quad HD; this means its Super AMOLED panel displays 515 pixels/inch.

The iPhone 6 Plus only displays a resolution of 1080 x 1920, thus the device’s pixel density is 401. Gadget reviewers claim that the viewing difference between the two gadgets is barely noticeable, although Samsung does like to brag that the Note 4 is better.


Which of these two display better games, iPhone 6 Plus Or Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

iPhone 6 Plus came out with some additional tools for game developers, and the most notable one was Metal, a developing kit meant to enhance graphics performance. The technology allows game developers to craft immersive video games that are just as great as video games on handheld consoles.

Optimized to enable GPU and CPU to work together, Metal stimulates the A8 chip; the graphics are more detailed than ever and the visual effects are incredibly complex. The ultimate goal of the developing kit is to make games look and feel realistic.

As for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, the larger screen does make gaming experiences more rewarding. Casual players will have the chance to stream excellent-quality games straight to their devices with OnLive. The app has the capacity of making games that can’t be enjoyed on a tablet seem high-end.

Samsung customers will be overjoyed to get a taste of what cloud gaming actually means, and the makers of OnLive are offering a 3-month free subscriptions to those who buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet. Thanks to the controller peripherals, players will have the chance to link their smart devices and thus enjoy their favorite games on a mobile device.

There’s no denying that both iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 are two exceptional mobile gadgets. This year’s iPhone is not just bigger, but also better is every other possible way. Dramatically thinner and remarkably efficient, the device can be an outstanding gaming tool.

The exact same things goes for Note 4, which features many ground-breaking attributes, apart from its ravishing 5.7 inch display. Featuring an eye-popping display and a 16 mega pixel camera, we’re definitely talking about one of Samsung’s best devices of the year.

But which of these two are best for gaming? Some would say the iPhone 6 Plus; others would praise Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. In the end, it’s up to the gamer to decide. Get your hands on these amazing gizmos and let the gaming begin!

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