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Worst Things That Can Happen To An iPhone

An iPhone is one of the most amazing gadgets that you can be able to acquire these days. This device serves many different functions.

It has two high-resolution cameras. One camera is at the back, which has a higher resolution and the other camera is at the front that has a lower resolution. The camera at the front can allow the user to make video calls or to Skype with other users. The iPhone can also enable the user to use the internet and even as a portable media player.

Worst Things That Can Happen To An iPhone


Such a device is an asset to the individual who purchases it. This phone can perform almost all of the functions of a phone and some others performed by computers and cameras. Check out Top 5 iPhone Accessories.

All this is placed in one stylish and portable device that can be used in many settings where it would not be possible to use other methods. Even if these methods were available, they would not be as convenient as the iPhone.

The iPhone is therefore, one of the most important possessions of most people. Some things can happen to the device that can reduce the functionality of the device and devastate the user.


5 Most Common iPhone Tragedies

Liquid damage

It is very common to hear cases where someone drops his or her phone in a liquid or a liquid accidentally spills on it. This very serious issue can result in the damage of the phone.



This is not something that results only from the carelessness of the user but it can also come up as an accident. Many of the users take good care of the phones because of the large value that they associate with it. This liquid damage can be very devastating for the user because of the functions that this phone serves.


iPhone Theft

With the increased levels of insecurity in the world today, the cases of theft are increasing rapidly. No one is immune from the thieves who will go to great lengths to acquire that which is not rightfully theirs. This means that there is always a possibility that you can encounter thieves at one time or another.



One of the worst things that they can steal is your iPhone. This is very sad not only because of the services that this Smartphone enables but also because of the cost that is associated with purchasing this device.

This is even worse because after using such a device, it is not easy to downgrade to a device that does not perform the same function.


Mechanical breakdown

There are cases when the device fails sustains damages that makes it unable to function in the normal way. This is not usually a problem that cannot be solved especially where the device has warranty.



The problem however, arises when the warranty does not cover the kind of mechanical problem experienced. This can be very challenging because you will need to get a way to repair this problem so that the device can return to normal functioning, which can be very expensive.


Cracked screen

This is the worst nightmare for most of the iPhone users. This can happen if the phone falls on its screen or encounters any other kind of pressure on the screen.



This can make the user unable to use the phone because in some cases, you cannot even be able to view anything on the screen. For a phone that uses the screen for most of the functions, this very serious issue can make the phone unusable.


iPhone Loss

Losing an apple phone is something that can give you headaches and stress for a long time.



Not only is this the loss of a great asset, this is also something that is not usually covered in the warranty of the product. This means that you have to find a way to replace this using your own means.


All these probable iPhone tragedies might cause the user to be afraid of not being able to enjoy the use of this device but there is no need for you to be in constant fear of all the things that can ruin or make you lose your phone.

It is now possible to get insurance for your phone or iPhone that will ensure that you are protected in each of the cases above so you can put your mind at ease!


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