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Introduction To Advanced Game Development On iPhone 5 With Best Games Launched

With the increase in number of iPhone users, the demand for iPhone applications and Game Development have also increased. As a result, numerous games have been launched for the iPhone.

However, with the passing time, advanced technology is now used in making these games. Some of these newly launched games don’t support the previous iPhone models. Hence, people started asking for an advanced version of this Smartphone. This led to the introduction of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Game Development

On the other hand, developers involved in building iPhone applications are taking keen interested in game development on iPhone rather than any other kind of applications. Hence, numerous game applications have been launched especially for iPhone 5 users.


Advanced Game Development On iPhone 5

Games that support iPhone 5 software

Some of the best game applications have been launched for iPhone 5 users. They are as follows:

Infinity Blade II

This is one of the popular games among iPhone  users. The second version of this game supports the iPhone 5 software. It has better graphics that let a user to experience the game in almost 3D level. The game has 100 virtual weapons and a much bigger world with better animation. This game can be  better experience in the new iPhone 4S features.

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Dead Space

This game is not so boring as compare to other horror games. Great animation and visual impact has been put to provide you an eerie feeling. The ‘nightmare’ sequence is bound to hang you up to this game for long hours. The ghastly graphics are going to grab your attention. However, people who dislike violent games are better to avoid this, but for others it is one of the most exciting game to play.

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Angry Bird Rio

This is one of the most popular game among iPhone users   as well as Smartphone users. It doesn’t require an advanced version of android to play on. The graphics used in the game make it more special. This game also proves the fact that to make a game application popular you don’t need to make it complex in nature.

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This game is primarily for iPhone users. The magnificent graphical effect along with the background score makes urges a player to stick to it for long hours. The best part is  the stage where different types of puzzles are provided and the user it required to solve it.

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Grand Theft Auto III

The game developers have used all the latest features of iPhone 5 to develop this game. Hence, you don’t need to have a large screen to play it. This game can also be played on the computer.

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These are some of the best games introduced recently. Apart from these, there are few existing games that supports the latest version of iPhone series.


iPhone 5 Game Development

Now, if you plan to introduce a new game with customized feature, you need to hire an experienced application developer. Numerous web design companies are there. Among them, only few web design company will have application developers associated with them.

Game Development

Get in touch with these developers and ask them to create a new game. As far as the promotion of the game is considered, your company need to carry out online marketing to launch the game in app stores. This means, being the owner you need to look after the promotional work of this game.


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