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18 Most Important Features in iOS 8

Apple has already created its iOS 8. However, as of today, only its developers are able to experience it. It has been said that, it will only be accessible to the public when the open beta program starts this summer.

Most Important Features in iOS 8For the first time, Apple will provide its users with onscreen keyboards from a 3rd party and they will be able to open widgets from the notification center. Aside from these two new features in iOS 8, Apple has commenced a programming language known as the Swift.

Now, to quench your thirst for this new Apple iOS 8, here is the list of its 18 most important features in iOS 8:

18 Most Important Features in iOS 8

1) Battery usage indicator

This has been the most common problem for many iPhone users. But with the new battery usage indicator, the users will now be able to manage the life of their battery. Also, they can already alter the settings to take maximize the usage of the battery.

2) New keyboard/s

There is nothing more significant to iPhones than the onscreen keyboard. With iOS 8, there is an improvement through the predictive typing, which recommends various word choices for anything that you will type.

This feature has been with Android for some time, but according to Apple, it has a better implementation.

3) Continuity

iOS 8 includes a new feature called Handoff. If you have a Mac and an iPhone, you will be able to begin a task on one gadget and finish it using your other gadget. Since both gadgets are responsive to each other, you just need to click one button. This works on iPad as well.

Continuity provides many other bonuses like the AirDrop which can work between iOS and Mac devices, making iPhone a personal hotspot is now easier.

4) New Camera Features in iOS 8

If you have been utilizing iOS gadgets, then you know that is it easy to use the camera application due to its easy to use interface.

Now, it is even better through it two options- a time lapse capture for video and the 3-second timer. Also, the camera has exposure and focus controls.

5) iCloud Photo Library

At present, you can save around 1000 pictures from your iOS device with no charge. With the iCloud Photo Library, you can now save up to 5GB pictures for free.

If you want extra storage, you can always get it for $0.99 per month for 20GB.

6) Family Sharing

This is an excellent choice that allows users of Apple to share the contents that they have downloaded from iTunes. It allows up 6 people as family members, and it gives a perfect solution in order for parents to trace the downloading activities of their children using their credit cards.

Through this feature, the parents are notified, and can deny or grant the purchase. If they grant the purchase, they can easily use an online processing payment like EMV payment processing Cincinnati.

7) Interactive Notifications

If you are in the midst of doing something, but also have to send a message, you just need to pull down the banner, type your message and send.

Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed while playing Candy Crush and someone calls on your phone and you don’t want to answer it, just swipe left to dismiss it.

8) Messages upgrade

iOs 8 ’s built-in messaging application has so much to offer. Apple has integrated the ability to send video and audio messages.

If you hate group messages, then use Do Not Disturb. Also, you can share your location with the person you are talking with.

9) Lock screen app suggestions

iOs 8 has a new icon on the lock screen which is the same with the icon of App Store. When you swipe it, you will be able to see suggestions according to your location.

10) iCloud Drive

This will permit you to save PDF files from your email to your iPhone.

11) Widgets

Android phones already have this feature. Now, it’s Apple’s turn to integrate it on their devices. Never get too excited though because the widgets will be located in the notification center and not on the home screen.

12) TouchID for apps

Though this has already been a feature of iPhone 5S, iOS 8 has taken a step further to make it more convenient for developers.

Users will now be allowed to unlock a saved password in keychain by simply placing their finders on the reader.

13) Health

This offers an essential place for all fitness and health information that a user is saving on the Apple device. Also, Apple is partnering with healthcare companies to help bring the health app of Apple to health care specialists who can truly do something with it.

14) Weather Channel

If you’re in search for an authentic weather report, then you can rely on iOS 8 ’s weather channel. The information you will get from this feature comes from Yahoo!

15) New Siri features in iOS 8

Siri is always active. You simply need to call it and it will carry out its function. For this feature to work, the device has to be plugged into power.

16) Spotlight results

When looking for something on your Apple device, you can obtain the result from Wikipedia, iTunes and Apps Store, letting you to enjoy a variety of search results.

17) Full feature Safari

This feature can offer you a more private browsing. Also, it lets users to keep tabs separately from regular tabs to make sure that it will not interfere with what you are privately browsing.

18) Contacts on apps screen

Today, calling a person in your contacts is easier by simply displaying the contacts on top of your app screen.

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