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Interesting iPhone Gadgets

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a difficult time using their iPhone? I know they’re supposed to be “smart,” but they’re also one of the most uncomfortable phones I’ve ever used. With its flat surface, my ears get sore the more I use it, not to mention getting cut off in mid conversation when my cheek decides to end the call.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has problems with these phones. Cell phones give off radiation, which has been linked back to health problems, including cancer. That’s scary, considering mobile phones are the number one used electronic device. So what’s the solution?

Believe it or not, people are going retro. Remember when we used an archaic device called a “corded” phone? It may feel like jumping back to cassette tapes, but these new handsets are becoming all the rage, simply because they work like a dream.

Remember back in the day when it was cool to have your own phone line? Girls would lie around for hours talking with friends and waiting for their latest crush to call. You can experience those fun times again with these cool phones sporting hip designs. Just plug it into your smart phone or laptop and talk away. Clear, comfortable sound and best of all…they’re 99% radiation free.


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Pop Phones iPhone Gadget

I love these classic, fun, bright and brilliant handsets from Native Union, with their fantastic soft-touch textures. The product is created with high-quality speakers and microphones, which make calls not only more comfortable on your cell phone, they’re clearer.


Pop Phones iPhone Gadget


The pop phone is made to fit virtually any cell phone model by utilizing the right adaptor (usually sold separately). You can also use the pop phone with your computer to take advantage of programs like Skype, Google Talk, etc., but out of the box, it’s made to be used with the iPhone.


Moshi Moshi 05T iPhone Gadget

Want the handset with a little more modern feel to it? Then try the Moshi Moshi 05T: a slim, sleek design created to sit on a flat surface. Endowed with a soft-touch finish, it comes with a neoprene pouch and can be adapted to any mobile phone, just like it’s pop phone counterpart.
Moshi Moshi 05T iPhone Gadget



Moshi Moshi 03i iPhone Gadget

Love the whole handset option, but don’t want to be held down by a cord? Not a problem! Native Union created a beautiful, contemporary Bluetooth handset, with 2.1 multipoint technology, allowing you to take calls through your phone or VOIP internet calls through your computer nearby. With the built-in charger base, your iPhone is always at full battery life.


Moshi Moshi 03i iPhone Gadget


Whether you’re tired of uncomfortable calls or concerned about the potential health risks, these headsets are a fun and practical option for your cell phone. Old habits may die-hard, but with these quality products starting at only $30, old habits don’t have to die at all.

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