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The New Age In Smartphone Market

In today’s fast paced world our lives have become incomplete without smartphones, internet, computers and in short gadgets. The Smartphone Market is flooded with these gadgets with different configurations. For a tech-savvy person it may not be difficult to comprehend what to buy, but for a layman this information can be ...Read More »

Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5 – 32GB

Apple and Google finally launched their latest flagship products in 2013, finally giving a rest to the much anticipated showdown. The verdict is out and it seems like a close neck-to-neck call. But one thing is sure: the fans are happy. Let’s have a look at what these best mobiles ...Read More »

iPhone 5s – A Closer Look to Main Features

iPhone 5s Design

iPhone is back again with its newly launched iPhone 5s. Apple’s iPhone is considered to be one of the most anticipated and highly looked-forward smart phone in the world. Whether you like or dislike apple, but you got to agree with the fact that iPhone gave a new dimension the ...Read More »

How to Improve iPhone Performance?

Improve iPhone Performance

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world for many reasons, not the least of which is its user-friendly nature. Everybody should follow basic guide or habit to improve iPhone Performance. Yes, these devices are ready to go right out of the box and almost anyone ...Read More »

Top 10 iPhone Games 2013

Top 10 iPhone Games 2013

With the New Year come new favorite game apps for iPhone users. Some are old favorites; standing up to the test of gamers world-wide and some is a fresh on the scene. Let’s see which are the iPhone Games catching people’s eyes the most this year round.     Top ...Read More »

iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting Tips

iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting

iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting Tips! Why we need to know? Sure, you need to. When the iPhone 5 was released in 2012, its iOS 6 operating system contained over 200 new features. Most consumers were giddy as schoolchildren after experiencing new and exciting items such as Siri’s upgrades, the Flyover ...Read More »

Apple iPhone 5 Review: A Smart Phone

Apple iPhone 5 Review

Apple iPhone 5 is a smart phone by Apple announced in September, 2012. Apple iPhone 5 is considered to be the best smart phone ever by Apple. iPhone 5 has been a deep competition with Samsung’s Galaxy SIII. Apple iPhone 5 Review Network Supported Apple iPhone 5 supports all three ...Read More »

How The New iPhone 5 Differs From iPhone 4S

How The New iPhone 5 Differse From iPhone 4S

Both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 have 8 megapixel cameras, this hasn’t been changed. There are a few other subtle differences though. How New iPhone 5 Differs From The iPhone 4S Sapphire Crystal Lens The iPhone 5 has a Sapphire crystal lens, which should provide better image quality ...Read More »