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iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting Tips

iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting Tips! Why we need to know? Sure, you need to. When the iPhone 5 was released in 2012, its iOS 6 operating system contained over 200 new features. Most consumers were giddy as schoolchildren after experiencing new and exciting items such as Siri’s upgrades, the Flyover tool and turn-by-turn navigation.

However, some people immediately began experiencing problems with their new handhelds. For some, these involved Wi-Fi problems and slow performance while others experienced debilitating iPhone 5 battery issues.

iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting

Yes, there are few things more devastating to the self-avowed apple nuts out there than waiting in line for the new-model iPhone only to find it is operating below Apple’s own standards of excellence. And the aforementioned iPhone  5 battery issues can raise serious alarm bells. After all, how useful is any smartphone if it can’t hold a charge longer than a few minutes.

The good news is that, in the case of the iPhone 5, there are some ways to troubleshoot iPhone 5 battery issues that will likely get Siri back on her feet in no time.


Troubleshoot iPhone 5 Battery Issues

Rule out overuse

The aforementioned features – Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, etc. – oftentimes contribute to what many perceive are iPhone 5 battery drain issues when in fact they are merely the results of iPhone overuse. Running these programs excessively can drain the battery to the point the user feels there is a problem.

So the first thing the user needs to do is rule out that this is the case. Those individuals who do find they are the iPhone-addicted culprits may want to ease back on their overall smartphone use.


Calibrate the iPhone 5 battery

Oftentimes this will jar the battery back into top form. The process itself involves letting the iPhone 5 battery drain down to 0%, then plugging in the iPhone and charging, uninterrupted, to full 100% capacity.

On a related note, those who want to ensure overall battery health for years to come would do will to perform this calibration once a month for as long as they have their iPhone.


Reset the iPhone

Resetting the iPhone is a good way to clear it of any rogue ailments that may secretly be afflicting the unit. Often times this will cure iPhone 5 battery issues as well. The process itself doesn’t take longer than a few seconds, is perfectly safe, and won’t result in any data wiping. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Press and hold the Home buttons as well Sleep/Wake button down for 10 seconds. The red slider will appear.
  2. Ignore the slider and continue holding the buttons until the Apple logo appears. The iPhone has now been reset.


Factory restore the iPhone

This is a last-ditch option for those who feel they have exhausted all other options. The process will clear all data from the unit, restore the iPhone to its original settings and reinstall the operating system. It might just clear up any batter issues as well. The steps involved

  1. Backup all important data on the iPhone.
  2. Plug the iPhone into the computer and open iTunes.
  3. Click the “restore” option in iTunes.

One of the above iPhone 5 battery troubleshooting methods should be sufficient to clear up most battery issues. However, if the above options prove futile, it may be time to consider faulty hardware and consider total iPhone replacement.

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