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Best iPhone Apps for Health Tracking

As an iPhone owner, you must be well aware that your smart phone has, like, a million and one uses with different apps. Just when you thought your iPhone couldn’t possibly do anything more, it turns out your little pocket-sized personal assistant has another surprise purpose. It can actually help you manage your health. The Apple App Store features some very handy offerings when it comes to your wellness, whether you are a doctor or just a health-conscious type of person.


Five Awesome iPhone Apps For Tracking Your Health

1) Healthy Habits iPhone Apps By 2Morrow Mobile

Touted as a “health, happiness, and wellness apps,” Healthy Habits features a “Habit Tracker” interface that allows you to monitor and track your progress on a broad range of health-related habits. This app focuses on a well-rounded approach to managing your overall well-being, including such aspects as diet, exercise, water intake, blood pressure checks, and even random acts of kindness.

Healthy Habits iPhone Apps

2) WebMD iPhone Apps

These are free apps is a comprehensive resource of any and all medical information you might need in order to size up the state of your health and determine if you need to see a doctor. From the WebMD interface, you can access a symptom checker, a drug/medicine database, first aid instructions, and even local healthcare practitioner listings.

WebMD iPhone Apps

3) iWeight Deluxe iPhone Apps by GP Apps

Use these apps to organize your fitness and weight loss goals, and also to monitor your progress. IWeight makes use of a calendar system for easy tracking, as well as your iPhone’s GPS, which it uses to locate the nearest fitness centers.

iWeight Deluxe iPhone App

4) Calorie Tracker iPhone Apps by

Another free app, Calorie Tracker does exactly what its name suggests: it provides a simple and easy way for you to monitor your caloric intake. It also organizes those calories into carbs, proteins, and fats, so that you can be sure to get your ratios right, and it features a comprehensive nutrition database for most of the foods you eat.

Calorie Tracker iPhone App

5) RunKeeper iPhone Apps by FitnessKeeper, Inc.

This app uses your iPhone’s GPS capability to track the exact distance you run. You can also enter your information manually when you want to track treadmill miles, and use the heartrate monitor to keep your workouts safe.

RunKeeper iPhone App

As you can see, your iPhone can now be a very useful tool when it comes to reaching and maintain fitness goals, as well as tracking every aspect of your well being. Check these great apps out and get the most out of your iPhone, and your health.


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