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Learn How To Unlock Apple iPhone 3G

When you buy an iPhone 3g it’s usually designed by Apple to be used only by a specific service provider. This has more disadvantages than advantages as it limits the use only to the services from that provider. This is where unlocking your iPhone comes in handy.

There is software used to unlock this Phone including jailbreaker. Anyone can unlock the iPhone using this software by simply following the instructions. Advanced and more knowledgeable users can unlock the iPhone with use of this software.


How To Unlock Apple iPhone 3G Using Common Unlocking Software


You should not attempt this unless you are sure of what to do. A slight mistake might corrupt the iPhone’s firmware and render the phone unusable. We will go through the process of how to unlock iPhone 3g using common unlocking software.



Unlocking An iPhone 3G Steps

Unlocking this Phone can be done easily by following a step-by-step set of instructions that will be covered below.

1) The first thing you must know is the baseband version of your iPhone. In this case we will use baseband 4.10.01 as an example since it is the most common one.

2) Next download iTunes program to your computer and plug-in your iPhone though a USB cable. You can reset the iPhone in case you are prompted to but do not upgrade the firmware at this stage.

3) Then download and install the unlock software, such as jailbreaker, on the computer desktop. It comes with both Mac and Windows file formats for easily accessibility.

4) Open the jailbreaker and it will automatically jailbreak iPhone 3g 4.1. The software will then automatically updates and install the latest iPhone firmware to the device.

5) After this the software will proceed to unlock the iPhone 3g and will take a few minutes to complete.


Reason Why You Should Unlock The Apple iPhone 3G

The main reason why you should unlock the iPhone 3g is to be able to use a service provider of your own choice.

This is because an unlocked this phone is only limited to a particular service provider and may deny the user better offer and opportunities provided by others. The user will no longer be chained to that cell carrier. An unlocked Phone can accept any GSM SIM card worldwide.

  • This process also unlocks instant messengers and chat live enabling you to stay connected with your online friends.
  • It will also unlock mms messaging thus allowing you to send as much videos and pictures as you want to.

An unlocked iPhone is capable of connecting with a remote computer such as your home or office pc using the VNL client.


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