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New MacBook Pro : A Hit in the Making?

A MacBook Pro was considered by the late Steve Jobs a device that is best used for heavy-duty work.

Compared to an iPhone and an iPad, the MacBook can accomplish any job that the first two Apple products deemed difficult. Activities like hosting websites, 3D rendering, manipulating photographs, and other projects are easily done by this device.


New MacBook Pro : A Hit in the Making?


How do we consider – MacBook Pro is a hit in the Making?

It is evident that the publicity for the MacBook Pro is limited since Apple mostly focuses on iPhones and iPad releases. But this unit is still without a doubt an important gadget to have to more intricate use of electronic gadgets.

It is a fact that people who work are in need of a computer. Since desktops are not advisable to obtain anymore, then people would turn to laptops and this is where the MacBook Pro comes in.

Reasons why people are discouraged from buying desktops

People are discouraged from buying desktops for a number of reasons. With all following three arguments, it is better to buy a laptop instead of a desktop.

  • First is the cost of electricity. A desktop actually needs more electricity that a laptop. A monitor and CPU both need to be powered on for the desktop to function but a laptop only needs one source of energy and it is for the battery. To conserve energy it would be better to use a laptop instead.
  • As for convenience, it is a given that laptops are more mobile. It would be difficult to bring a monitor and CPU wherever one goes at all times.
  • Laptops are also relatively cheaper in price compared to a desktop.


Why people will buy the MacBook Pro?

Though a laptop is an important gadget, it is the fact that there are fewer MacBook models than other companies like Toshiba and Samsung. With fewer models, there is a possibility that people may be persuaded to buy other companies’ products.

But with the Apple ecosystem, all is not actually lost. For a unit to be able to sync with an iPhone or an iPad is already an advantage for the MacBook Pro since users would want to match their gadgets. People would buy the MacBook Pro for its compatibility with other gadgets.

A MacBook Pro is also flexible. It is possible to replace hard drives, include video cards, and use new monitors if needed. There are opportunities to sell more units not just to a particular group of people but to everybody.


MacBook Pro and market

In the market, it is well known that other companies are trying to be aggressive in their sale procedures. More and more companies are developing products that would best suit different target customers.

However, it is different with the MacBook line since the unit designs are limited. It is as if there is only one target customer for this unit. A product line having more and more features would also be best.

It is better that the features of a MacBook Pro be promoted to encourage all types of buyers because this product having lesser publicity would mean a not so good product. Good publicity for this device that is for MacBook Pro is needed in order to introduce it to the public.


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