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Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your iPhone Be Opened

Whether or not an iPhone should be kept in a case is one of those arguments that iPhone enthusiasts are torn over. On the one hand, some people say that the case takes away from the elegant design of the device itself and makes the iPhone chunkier and harder to use.

A opened iPhone is a beautiful piece of electronics and it has an elegant glass surface and a sleek and minimalist design.


Why keeping an iPhone in a case is a good idea

However, there are many compelling reasons why you should not be letting your iPhone be opened. There is a reason why there are so many iPhone cases out there because they serve a very important purpose in keep the phone in good shape. Here are some of the reasons why keeping an iPhone in a case is a good idea:


You Will Probably Drop Your iPhone

No matter how careful you are with your iPhone, the law of gravity pretty much ensures that it will go hurtling towards the floor at some point.

 Why You Should Not Let Your iPhone Be Opened

Photo by Flickr user bredgur


It might slip out of your purse, fall out of your pocket when you sit down or you might accidentally knock it off your desk. Either way, dropping your phone is inevitable.

  • The iPhone, while a beautiful and elegant device, is not designed for a lot of rough handling. It is made with a gorgeous glass back which is very likely to crack or break if it is dropped.
  • Keeping your iPhone in a hard plastic or rubber case will allow it to cushion the blow when it hits the ground and decrease your chances of the screen becoming cracked.

Keeping your phone in a case will actually make you less likely to drop it because rather than holding onto the slippery glass surface you can grip onto a plastic or rubber case instead.

It will be much less likely to slide out of your hand and hit the floor this way.


Protect Your iPhone Camera

Did you know that the iPhone has its camera lens flush with the back of the phone, which means that it is very prone to scratches and other damage?

  • Anytime your phone is placed with the lens face down on a table or is taken in and out of your pocket, these permanent micro-scratches will be formed.

This can make your photos look terrible as the scratches will show up in every one of them. In order not to ruin the camera on your expensive iPhone, find a case which will create a protective cover around the lens.

It will restore the 2-4mm gap between the lens and everything else which might want to scratch it.


Keep Your iPhone’s Resale Value

If you ever intend to sell your iPhone or trade it in for an upgrade, you will want to keep the phone in the best condition possible.

  • Keeping your phone in a protective case can help you keep it looking as fresh and polished as it did on the day that you bought it.
  • You will avoid scratches, smudges and wear and tear and your phone will look much newer than it is.

When you sell your phone you will be much more likely to find a buyer for it and you will be able to charge more for it due to its excellent condition.


Opened iPhones are Boring

Sure the Opened iPhone is elegant and sleek, but it looks exactly the same as all of the other ones you will see. When you go to a party and see your phone on the table next to everyone else ’s, you will see just how identical they all appear.

  • People wear clothes not only to protect their bodies, but to express their individuality, so why not do the same with your iPhone with Case Mate?
Opened iPhones are Boring

Photo by Flickr user William Hook

  • Many people want their phone to stand out from the crowd and reflect their unique personality.
  • There are many cute and stylish iPhone cases out there which can really make a statement, such as reflecting your interests in art, sports, animals or travel.
  • You can also find designs such as animal print, wood patterns, geometric designs and so many other types of decorative styles.
  • There are also websites which allow you to create custom iPhone cases with your own photos so that you can display you and your sweetheart, your kids or your dog on the back of your phone.

That way, there will be no way that anyone will mistake your iPhone for their own.


Opened iPhone: Conclusion

Although your iPhone looks very sexy when it is opened, by leaving it uncovered and bare all the time you are making it more susceptible to damage and scratches. Why not protect it and keep it looking brand new with a stylish case, while making a statement about your individuality at the same time?


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