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Repix App Review: iPod, iPhone and iPad Photography

Repix App Review or Experience!! I have been downloading apps for my ipod for the past three years, and most of the time we all tend to get a lot of the free iPhone and iPad games and apps installed.

We tend to think if it is free why not download it, and let’s see what the app will do. You open up the free app, and you get a feeling “oh, that was cool for the first 10 minutes as you go ahead jump back to another app you downloaded before you thought was more useful for your free time.


Repix App for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Well, I have been seeing things about this cool app called REPIX app online around at local blogs, and tech news web sites for a week before it was release as a free download in the “App Store”. I saw a YouTube clip showing what the app would turn your photos into art work, and how you can change with colors, be creative with your photos.

Repix App Review

So, I went ahead waited for the app to be approved on the “App Store”. I bookmarked the web site for any news when it was going to be ready for installing on my ipod touch. As, I got the news that the app was ready for a go with “App Store” I downloaded the free app.

As I was watching that app downloading, I took one photo with the built-in camera to use to play in the repix app. So, I would know what it can do, or would this app be the one I want to go back later, or on my goto app for my creative side of my photos.


Repix App Overview

So, I got to open the app, and was very impress with screen layout on the screen. The menu was like color sticks you used when doing oil crayon painting sticking up from the bottom of the screen. Each one allows you a different effects on your photo that you have on the screen in front of you.

You use your fingers to move along the glass front screen on your ipod. Each effect can be used on top of each other, as you flow in different directions to give the feel, and look to your new photo art design.




Repix App Effects

The app comes with basic effects, and you can buy in-app purchase to add more effects. I went ahead did the in-app purchase to get all the effects.

I have used them all, but in love with the effect called “Daubs”. This effects gives you a short painting brush effects on top of your photo. This is the one I used a lot to create a “art oil” type feeling to my (Color/B&W) photos. Total of seventeen brushes available, and two pencil ends for undo, and erase.


Repix App Share Options

I have not used any of the share options in the app to other apps/web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. One missing from the list is Flickr.

I like to just to send the photo to the “photos” on my iPod, and then share it when I want to share to others.


The bottom line – Repix app

Repix app is the first app that you can creative art type effects on a iPod/iPad without using filters for the whole photo.

  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th and 5th Gen), iPad, iPad mini
  • iOS Requirements: iOS 6.0+
  • iPhone 5 optimized
  • Repix App Download

It gives you a more control over where you want the effects to be, and not where the app wants you to have. I would highly recommend REPIX app to anyone who wants chance to express themselves.


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