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Top 10 iPhone Games 2013

With the New Year come new favorite game apps for iPhone users. Some are old favorites; standing up to the test of gamers world-wide and some is a fresh on the scene.

Let’s see which are the iPhone Games catching people’s eyes the most this year round.


Top 10 iPhone Games 2013


Top 10 iPhone Games

1) Where’s My Perry?


Perry is a secret, semi-aquatic sleuth named Agent P, from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. As for the game itself, there are over 100 physics-based puzzles to work your way through; both educational and fun for hours.


2) Draw Something


You can play against friends and random opponents, guessing each other’s badly drawn images, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find someone to play against. Difficulty levels for the words vary and there are opportunities to gain badges as well as purchase more colors with the coins you earn from winning.


3) Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride is a pretty simple game with a very simple goal — Don’t run into anything. Well, it’s easier said than done, which is part of why this game can be so addictive. If the presence of jetpacks doesn’t draw you in, then maybe plenty of jetpack features you’ve never seen before will.


4) Tiny Wings


There are angry birds and then there are birds that just want to fly and be free. Help these little baby birds and their mother soars high before gravity kicks in. All it takes is a tap from your finger.


5) Temple Run


This game is inspired by every treasure hunting adventure movie out there. You know the shows where the hero has to outrun and outsmart booby traps and things trying to kill him at every turn? Take that scene, turn it into a game and you basically have Temple Run.


6) Fruit Ninja


Slicing fruit mid-air is both highly therapeutic and addicting. You’ll feel incredibly epic, knowing that your index finger is a deadly weapon — for fruit. You’ll be racking up points and earning great features (new backgrounds, blades, etc.) in no time.


7) Angry Birds


Angry Birds and greedy pigs don’t get along. So, it’s up to the Angry Birds to use their unique abilities to take down the pigs’ defenses by catapulting themselves into the fight. This original version of the game comes with a variety of birds for each level. If you love a little puzzle play mixed with humor, this is for you.


8) Cut the Rope


Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes. This particular game is perfect for those who want something to puzzle over while having some light fun. You have to cut the rope, as the title says, at just the right time in order to feed a little monster some candy. You can stay entertained for hours with this cute puzzle game.


9) Fieldrunners 2


If you are a fan of tower-defense games, then you’ve probably already come across this game’s predecessor. The new version has more levels and more puzzles and more gameplay styles to keep you entertained for hours. With Fieldrunners 2 you have a lot more leeway with where you can place your towers in many of the levels. Choose your weapon placement carefully and defeat the enemy.


10) Mega Jump


There are plenty of games out there for the avid gamer, but what about the rest of us who just want something fun and casual in our free time? With Mega Jump, you get something fun and easy to play against friends. The goal is to boost your monster higher than the rest, using coins, stars and huge combo boosts.


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    Jetpack joyride & temple run 2 are my fav. from the above list, specially temple run , awesome graphics.

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