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Most Amazing Reasons By Which You Will Quit Blogging

Blogging is a popular online platform where people have been able to generate good income off the internet. Blogging provides opportunities for people to share their own ideas, write about topics in which they are specialized and interact with millions of people all over the world.(Please read more about pillars to be use while creating a successful blog.)

But these days many people take up blogging just for the sake of money. One thing you need to understand is that you can’t become rich overnight. Blogging requires dedication, concentration, patience and time to survive in the blogging industry with pride.

Reasons By Which You Will Quit Blogging

Although there are millions of successful bloggers who earn good income every month, majority of them fail and give up blogging just within few months of starting their blog. In fact out of every 100 bloggers, around 90 quit blogging even before enjoying a trivial amount of success.

Why do people find it difficult to maintain this profession? Take a look at the most amazing reasons people quit blogging, and learn to avoid those mistakes with some blogging tips.


Reasons By Which You Will Quit Blogging

1. To get rich quickly

This is what kills bloggers most times; bloggers who tend to get rich quickly end up failing. When you read about success stories of professional bloggers you get motivated by the desire to get rich quickly and replicate their success.

Hence, you try to use every possible trick to boost your income, and this includes activities like:

  • Using black-hat techniques
  • Adding too much ads
  • Clicking on their own ads
  • Start selling low quality products
  • Spam links, etc.

Which causes one of the possible reasons of quit blogging because after some time they give up blogging because earning money from blogging is not a child’s play.

Make Money With Blogging

Well, instead of dreaming about getting rich quickly, you should put in lot of efforts. The more you devote, the more you’ll get in return. But you also need to have patience. Blogging certainly pays, but it takes time.


2. No clear purpose of writing

People get attracted to blogs only if they provide valuable content, solve their problems and offer them some useful tips. Readers should enjoy your blogs. And the only way to do that is do lot of research.

Attractive Topics or title on Your Blogs

Focus on the exact and attractive topic you are writing and for whom. Know your audience and cater to their needs.

  • Are you writing for the purpose of generating traffic for your website or develop content?
  • Are you offering them useful tips on productivity?
  • Are you teaching them about marketing their products or services?

Make sure you choose the topic on which you can write frequently and with ease without being stressed and you have a better chance of sticking to it in the long run.


3. No traffic

This is the main reason why bloggers fail and quit blogging. Many people lack writing skills and start stealing content from other successful blogs. Take it from me; it would never work for you in the long run. You cannot prove yourself as a genuine blogger so you might never get expected traffic to your blog.

Content That Drives Traffic To Your Website

If you are serious about blogging then audience are the most valuable assets you have. If there is no traffic to your website, then there is no point in writing and you begin to question your skills to be successful in this profession.

  • Find out what people are interested in general.
  • Check out blogs of your competitors. Do they have good traffic?
  • Implement competitors strategies in your blog.
  • Pay attention to important things like comments, tweets and other elements of your website.

You need to work hard on promoting your blog and getting the word around that you have some interesting content to share.

Some things to consider while blogging:


4. Writing for search engine

Another reason for bloggers to quit blogging is SEO. Search engine plays an important role in driving traffic to your blog but writing just with SEO in mind is also not beneficial. Hence, it’s not enough if you focus on SEO but you should also focus on what readers want to read.

Creating content stuffed with keywords is always not useful. When readers arrive on the first page or post of your blog but are not impressed by your content then they will leave your blog and would never come back. This would result in increasing the bounce rate of your blog. Therefore, to make your blog successful it is also important to consider your readers’ base and make your blog posts or page stand out from the crowd.


5. Can’t deal with negative comments

Not all readers agree with you. And sometimes readers become down nasty. They may hurt you with negative comments. You must be able to handle legitimate criticism. Additionally, don’t take such comments personally, especially when they are mean to bully you.

Blogging blogging tips

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