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Guest Blogging Or Guest Posts- Benifits And Drawbacks

Guest blogging is when an article composed by you is posted on other’s blog. In this case you are known as the guest blogger.

Guest posting is nothing but another term for guest blogging. A ‘post’ being the content posted on the blog.

Article marketing is the techniques you are implementing to get your article appear on other’s websites. Hence guest blogging/posting is nothing but a kind of article marketing.

Guest Blogging - Benifits And Drawbacks

When you submit your articles to reputed directories like, it’s difficult to find out who will see your article, click on it and get directed to your website.


Guest Blogging Has Its Own drawbacks

Like any other form of marketing, you can continue guest blogging without getting any traffic. However, when you guest blog your posts automatically appears on those sites that are targeted around your niche. Also, guest blogging on one niche site gives you opportunities to guest blog on other niche sites as well.

One guest post can direct you to another and so on. And all of them are niche specific websites. Backlinks generated from niche specific websites get you better search rankings than backlinks from untargeted websites.


Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Targeted and quality traffic

Guest blogging is a great way for getting more traffic. Here, visitors of other’s blogs get to know about your website through your URLs which are added on the website where you have posted your article.

If you post your articles on popular blogs then you are likely to receive better traffic. But the quality of your post must be very good for achieving this.

Targeted traffic in the sense is that if you own a health blog, you are most likely to guest blog on a health blog. This mutual exchange of content helps to gain traffic from different blogs which gets you targeted traffic.


Guest blogging brings exposure

By guest blogging, you gain popularity over the Internet. Guest blogging brings more exposure to you and your blogs. It brings success to your blog and helps you create a buzz in the internet world.

For example, you have submitted your articles on two blogs. One gets you 100 page views and other gets you 50 page views. Now, we can say that your blog has been visited by 150 users who contribute to the targeted traffic and exposure to your blog.


Build relationships

Guest blogging helps in developing relationship but you need to have patience and be regular in posting. Posting only one article isn’t enough. If you want to establish a relationship, then you should not stop at this.

Learn to communicate with your readers and follow up with blog owner to see the performance of your guest post. This make your readers feel that you are not just a blind guest blogger who is mainly concerned about link building but also care for the community.


Improves our writing skills

When you are writing for other blogs, you must write in such a way that your posts should be interesting to the readers.

It should be unique, fresh and error-free and offer valuable information to the readers. This type of writing not only attracts lot of readers to your blog but also improves your writing skills.


Get to know what other bloggers and people feel about your post

When you create a post for other’s blog, the owner of the blog if finds your post interesting or may not be impressed by it, will give you some tips to make the post more interesting.

This means you will get free expert reviews about your post. By incorporating those tips in your post you can improve the quality of your post.


Build search engine and Domain Name Authority

Site owners mainly allow guest blogging for the fact that it helps them with better search rankings and domain name authority. Even if you don’t bother of applying SEO strategies or buying backlinks or advertising space, guest blogging alone can improve your site’s ranking.

Some popular blogs have quickly reached the top results of search engine this way, and this was possible without having them to do anything else than submit on other’s blog that were already popular.


Link building

The best quality links will flow from posting your quality content on the best blogs of your niche. Also, the backlinks from other blogs improve your site ranking which in turn increase your advertising rates.

Quality Of Your Link Partners

So, by guest blogging you get quality backlinks which boosts your pagerank in search engines.


Final Words About Guest Blogging

Thus guest blogging is great way of marketing your blog. No matter you want to promote your product or service or you just want to enhance your online appearance, guest blogging is the effective method you have to try.

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