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Make your blog posts stand out from the crowd

You need a more analytical approach in crafting a perfect blog posts. Nowadays, due to Panda and Penguin algorithm updates it’s more difficult to stay in Google’s good graces.

But if you keep in mind some important details you will find yourself in a very productive situation.


Make your blog posts stand out from the crowd


Tips To Make blog posts stand out from the crowd

How to craft your keywords and content?

You can easily face the changes in search engines ranking algorithm if you do some research before you start writing your blog posts, especially regarding your primary and secondary keywords. Don’t forget about the over optimization penalty. This makes your work more difficult, but not impossible.

Use AdWords Keyword Tool to find low competition keywords that will help you address your niche.


How to use multimedia elements in blog posts?

Using multimedia elements like info graphics and videos will help you clarify your points in your blog posts. They are also important SEO wise, if you optimize them to offer the best web experience possible.

Use PNG format for images, Ogg and M4V formats to address devices that can’t run Flash. To create nifty graphics use free tools like Pixlr and Splashup.


How to find your blogging style?

You need to leave your readers with a lasting impression.

  • Make your points clear and give your words a real meaning.
  • It’s crucial to have a fresh and unique blogging style, there are too many bland bloggers out there, don’t be one of them.
  • When it comes to an optimal word count, let me make it simple: there isn’t one. For a low bounce rate try somewhere between 600 and 1000 words.


How to optimize your meta data?

Meta data is as important to SEO as keyword and media optimization.

  • Try Facebook’s Open Graph, it will help you incorporate meta data easily into your blog page.
  • Rich Snippets should also be considered.

They help form a complete and accurate picture of your blog and also help your ranking in major search engines.


How to research your market and target your audience?

It’s crucial for any blogger to target its audience. You need an effective market research and analytic. The best way to do this is through keyword research and analyzing the impact and ROI of your content.

I know it sound very difficult but you need to have a good blogging strategy if you want to successfully monetize your blog.


Details, details, details

There are a few more aspects to consider when you put the finishing touches to your blog like internal linking. This way you will increase your page views and you will retain visitors by leading your audience to other pages on the same domain.


How to measure your efforts?

It is important to follow the evolution of your work. Google Analytic is a great tool that will help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. You won’t achieve perfection, but you will learn from your mistakes and adapt and improve your content to the needs of your audience along the way.


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