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How To Make Money With Blogging : Blogging Secrets

If you are jobless or want a second source of income; you can make money with blogging. But you should know first what blogging is? Word blog come from word “Web log” and blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog.

A Blog is a website containing anything you want to add in it e.g. books collections, interests, educational information and links to other websites.

Make Money With Blogging

How Blogging can be a source of income?

Blogging is in fact a process of making money from your website. These ways are the methods to improve traffic or click-through rate that helps you make more money.


Methods To Make Money With Blogging

You don’t have to stick with one way but to explore other ones which give more profit. There are different methods including direct and indirect ways.

Direct Methods To Make Money With Blogging

PPC ad Network

It’s a Pay per Click advertising program in which ads are located on your website and whenever your visitors click on the ads, you are paid. Money graph rose as traffic levels increase. Google Adsense is well known for this scheme but there many more networks including:


It is an impression based advertising system where ads are located on your blog. You are paid based on the number of times ad shows up.

List of well known CPM is:

Money Widgets

It’s an easy advertising scheme that is integrated into sidebar of blog with widget ads. Just put in the widget to sidebar of the blog and view the ads start.

Parked Domains

It can be the simplest method to make money online. These domains serve for hoarding and traffic sublimation. Just acquire a domain name and you can use parked domain programs.


It is thought to be an outdated but an easy way to earn money, in which you have to put a donation ad on the sidebar of the blog. Few programmers still use this though; revenue earned through the donation feature is very little.

Pop-up Ads

These irritating and infuriating ads may be incredible for some of your niche blogs or sub-domains. Pop-up ads propose decent revenue to blogs but are cautioned that it is irksome to the reader.

In-Text Ads

These ads are linked with double-lines under them. Although, sometimes useful for blog owners’ revenue but eventually irritate and annoy most blog readers.


Indirect Methods To Make Money With Blogging

Selling an EBook

It is one of the oldest money making scheme using a website to elevate an eBook, but an efficient way to generate revenue.

Mentoring programs

People are agreeing to pay to learn something new. So, making a program related website is lucrative if you manage to elevate it adequately to provide the information, from text articles to audio and video lessons.

Blogging is just like a learning process in which you involve to explore something new and interesting each day with growth in income.

Blogger Blogging

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