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Personal Experience Blogging- MOMMY BLOGS

One of maybe cutest and most enjoyable blogging experiences is blogging about pregnancy and parenting that are MOMMY BLOGS.

There are many parenthood blogs, and they are so often because this is one of most important personal experiences, a happy and joyful experience that every parent wants to share with an entire world.



Woman  are natural caregivers from the very beginning of our race. Another element of female character is an insightful look into personal experiences, and need to analyze. Woman carefully considers every personal experience and analyzes every element of it. It is safe to say that most of the personal diaries-paper versions in the past were female diaries.

Personal Experience Blogging MOMMY BLOGS

Getting possibility to have an online journal has just meant getting another more convenient option to put down every personal experience, along with the thoughts, dilemmas, ideas…what a great possibility for every woman, and particularly a pregnant one, and later on, a new mom!

Important side of mommy blogging for mommy bloggers, is the fact that audience is generally very likely-minded, so comments will probably be very much positive, constructive, and even develop into sharing of an ideas.


Why are mommy blogs are so important?

Mom blog is great choice also from the point that you will e creating a personal baby book, which your little one will be able to read together with you sometime in the future. You will be able to record there your baby’s first tooth, first steps, and first words.

As well as first temperature, first fall, and bloody knee. Indeed a personal and touching posts, one after another.


Am I giving too much info about my personal life?

I have come onto a discussion on one forum not long ago, questioning how good is to share this much of personal and private life, because your little one might not be so happy when he later acknowledges that mother has shared his first (probably embarrassing experiences!) with an entire world! Is it OK to share someone else ’s private life with public before previously getting his explicit consent on it?

Opinions have been different, ones thinking that there is nothing wrong with this, since parenthood is a natural experience, while others were representing idea that this should be kept a private matter.

Really a difficult question to answer, but on the other hand, if there are no names, and no personal pictures, then why not? After all, these are common, natural experiences of all parents.


Joys of sharing parenthood experience

Also, every new parent, especially new mom will be more then happy to find some useful information about parenthood.  Moms google every day about everything that is going on with their baby. Why has the baby ate little less then in a previous meal? Is it ok if a baby skips scheduled meal?

When will be good time to introduce solids? How to dress up your little one for going out in cold weather? There are so many dilemmas, and it is so good to have as many personal experiences as possible-including blogs!

So moms, don’t hesitate if you feel good about sharing with other moms your personal experiences. It will surely be beneficial for new moms to find out that everything they are going through is perfectly normal and natural part of parenthood.


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