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Tips To Survive In The Blogging Industry With Pride!

We all are very well aware of those popular and renowned blogs that have literally millions of visitors daily. Anyone who prefers writing or collecting items that are related to an enthusiasm certainly idolize such blogs.

The reason why blogging industry has turned out to be a common approach is due to the available blogging platforms, anyone can sign up and you are done with building your own blog. You are all set to start.

This ease led to the existence of hundreds of thousands of blogs over the World Wide Web, most of these never got to reach more than a few. It makes the popular blog portals enjoy monopoly which is extremely hard to beat.

If you are considering starting off with a blog and make money, you need to follow a complete plan that will help you be noticeable.

Following are some of the vital tips you can apply to ensure that you survive the blogging industry competition and not become a part of the thousands of unknown bloggers on the Web.


Survive In The Blogging Industry


Tips To Survive In The Blogging Industry

Be Different In Blogging Industry

You must admit this fact that there are numerous blogs about one niche. If there are already some renowned blogs about, for instance, technology, none of the online visitors will be prefer approaching your newly created blog to acquire information.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you will not succeed. The fact is that you need to be different and think out of the box. It is imperative for you to think about unique and exclusive ideas that will help you make your blog exclusive and later on happens to be a defining factor for it.


Don’t Try Making Money Right Away

Are you aware that even most of the renowned bloggers today waiting for several years before they were able to earn through their blogs? To make a substantial amount out of your blog, you require to have a suitable amount of traffic on your blog.

In case you have just started posting and immediately your blog is overloaded with adverts, your blog will be the least preferred one. Thus, keep in mind that blogging industry does take some time to generate revenue and it never happens immediately. It requires you to work hard with a great deal of persistence to enjoy the desired outcomes.


Stay In Touch with the Blogging Industry

If you consider surviving in the blogging industry/field, you are required to be acquainted with what is happening in the entire industry. Ensure to apply the latest techniques that are used on popular blogs. Be friends with fellow bloggers and ask them for assistance.

There are several platforms that offer the feature of guest posts, which will link back to your blog. Hence, consecutively to be able to reach your target market via these, you need to have a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers. To survive the blogging industry, you must not segregate yourself.


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  1. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Thanks for the tips. i like ‘Don’t Try Making Money Right Away’ . as i am newbie, I was thinking to insert ads in my blog from start. but now I will wait for few months and after that try ads.

  2. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Blogging is not easy as it looks , you need to devote your time consistently along with writing quality content. It requires passion and patience in order to become successful.

    • Avatar for Sandeep Kale

      True, I agree with you Chetan, Blogging is not that much easy, you need complete devotion, then only you can survive in this industry.

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