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Mobile Ebooks Are Set To Get A Boost Into The Billions By 2016

The Amazon Kindle is helping those who write eBooks get a financial boost

It is predicted that Amazon and those who write ebooks for the Kindle are going to be benefiting to the tune of ten billion dollars. That will be for the year 2016. This year is not so insignificant as well.



Mobile Ebooks Set To Get A Boost Into The Billions By 2016


How mobile ebooks is expected to increase in the future

Amazon Is Fueling The Mobile ebooks Boom

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a hot item at the moment and Kindle devices in general are spreading into other parts of the world besides the United States. Italy got their own native language Kindle at the beginning of the month. Spain was also chosen to get a Kindle in their language. This means those who speak those languages can now get a 70 percent cut of all e-book sale using the Amazon business system. Just last week 16,000 eBooks in Italian and 22,000 in Spanish were added to the selection of mobile ebooks that a Kindle tablet can read.


The Growth Is Undeniable

The total amount of ebooks for those who have a Kindle or other eReader are mounting. The growth is being measured by a company named “Juniper Research”, an analytics company. They state there will be $3.2 billion dollars worth of mobile eBooks sold during this year. That number is going to nearly triple by 2016 to $9.7 billion dollars. Smartphones are expected to help this large uptick in e-book reading, not just tablets, but they are not going to be the primary reader. Thirty percent of all mobile e-book downloads are going to be done using a tablet.


Who Has The Most E books?

Amazon has their Kindle Store, Apple has their i Bookstore and Barnes and Noble has the Nook Store. The people from Barnes and Noble say they have the world’s largest e-book store. They may have that, but their Nook tablet is not keeping up with sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple of course has their iPad but most people are using that tablet for gaming more than for reading. All in all, Amazon is the company poised to rake in the most cash for the coming mobile e-book boom.


The World Is Going Digital

Japan is one of those markets where the eBooks are growth phenomenon. They grew steadily with 2007 seeing a 220 percent increase in eBooks business. The Apple iPhone was one of the most used items in the United States for mobile eBooks reading. That was in 2009. In 2010, Amazon passed the important milestone of selling more digital eBooks than “paper and ink” books last year. Amazon is now claiming to have eBooks sales of five billion dollars for this year. Look for more of the ebooks news for the next four years.

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