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Best Safari Extensions 2012

Safari is the default browser for Mac computers, and anyone can download it and use it to view the web. If you use it, there are lots of extensions available that you can download to enhance your Internet browsing experience. Here are some of the best extensions available.

Safari Best Extensions To Master Your Mac


Master Your Mac With Following Great Safari Extensions


AdBlock is the most popular extension for Safari. Whenever you view a website, AdBlock stops ads from being downloaded. You will no longer have to look at any banner ads. This extension makes all the websites you view much more attractive by eliminating ads that get in the way of your viewing experience. You won’t have to navigate around ads anymore.

Download AdBlock Safari Extension


Twitter for Safari

This is the official Twitter extension for Safari. If you’re a Twitter addict, this extension is a must-download for you. For every website you view, you’ll be able to see related tweets and Twitter accounts. Instantly find out what’s currently trending in relation to the websites you’re on. If you want to send out a tweet, the link to the site you’re viewing will be automatically shortened for you.

Download Twitter For Safari Extension


Social Fixer for Facebook

Previously called Better Facebook, this extension is a great way to enhance your Facebook experience on Safari. It has a ton of features, including one that allows you to create custom news feeds. It will hide posts you’ve already read, and it will notify you if anyone “unfriends” you. You can also get push notifications, and create custom skins and themes.

Download Safari Extension Social Fixer For Facebook


1-Click Weather

This official Weather Channel extension will let you know the current temperature and weather conditions for your area. You can view the information right in the toolbar of your browser for added convenience. It’s a very useful app because you can view the weather instantly whenever you need it. Then, just click the icon for a more detailed forecast.

Download 1-Click Weather Extension For Safari


Evernote Web Clipper

The amazing bookmarking tool of Evernote is available on your mac browser with this extension. Whenever you see something you’d like to remember or come back to later, just clip it and save it instantly. You can save images, videos, text blocks, links, and more, without having to bookmark the entire website. Manage all your clips with your Evernote account.

Download Evernote Web Clipper For Safari


Print Plus

When you want to print something you find on a website, you can waste a lot of ink and paper by just hitting the “print” button because you’ll end up printing the entire page. With the Print Plus extension, you can select exactly which parts of the website you want to print. Only select the text or images you need, and leave the rest behind.

Download Print Plus Safari Extension


WasteNo Time

If you have difficulties staying focused while surfing the Internet, this extension will assist you. You can block any site that tends to distract you, and only allow yourself a predetermined amount on it every day. If you try to view it after your daily time is up, WasteNo Time won’t allow you to view it. This is a great extension for those who work on the computer and need to be more productive.

Download WasteNo Time Safari Extension

So that’s it master your Mac with these great extensions for Safari also check extensions for Google Chrome.


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