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Keep Browser Safe: Internet Browser Tricks

Let’s talk about internet browser tricks and tips to keep browser safe. Surfing the internet often brings in loads of viruses and malwares in your PC. Good internet browser cleaner software will help to clear the cache, cookies and history from the browser and keep browser safe. This will also boost the performance of the browser.

With constant downloads and surfing, your browser gets overloaded with cache and cookies. Moreover, many malicious links make way for the virus and malware eventually corrupting your browser.

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Legitimate sites do a decent job of screening their advertisers, making way for the viruses and malwares to your PC. The adware gets stored in your browser history and changes your homepage redirecting your search and URLs you try to visit.


How To Keep Browser Safe

1) Scan For Viruses and Malwares

The very first thing that you should do is to run a deep scan of your browser. You should also update the anti malware utility software in your PC so that your browser is always protected. Scanning your browser at a regular interval of time can keep it protected and will avoid it from any serious browser crash down.

Keep Browser Safe: Internet Browser Tricks
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With a good anti malware software you can eliminate the unnecessary ads, browser’s automated installed toolbars and malwares to highjack.

2) Cache and cookies to keep browser safe

Perform a hard refresh of your browser that will make your browser work faster. If you are a Windows users press Ctrl F5 that will clear all the cache and cookies from your browser. If you are a Mac user press Command Shift R. You can also manually do it by choosing the Advanced Settings from the menu bar of the browser.

3) Disable Browser Toolbar

You will have to delete all the unused toolbars from your browser. Remove all the downloadable toolbars from your browser. This will avoid any virus or malwares from creeping into your browser and affecting your PC.

4) Photo and Video Viewing Error

If you are unable to view any videos and photos from your browser then the problem lies in the Adobe Flash. Install Flash in your PC or update the old version. You should also check whether the Flash in your PC is corrupted or not. Reinstall the software in that case.

5) Thoroughly Check Every Extension and Add-On

Advertisements can trick visitors into installing browser add-ons and extension sites. The adware can even perform search redirection and force users to use their site as default browser.

If you use Google Chrome then you will have to open the main menu by clicking the control button in the top right corner of the browser. Select setting and then click on extension. Tick on the ones you want keep and delete the rest.

If you are a Firefox user, click on the orange menu on the top left corner of the browser and select the add-ons from the list. Check both the extension and the plug-in section and delete anything that looks suspicious to you.

6) Eliminate Annoying Homepage

Malicious adware redirects your default browser to their sites. Once you open the browser there can be numerous ads that will fill up the space of your browser. You can always take care of these by removing the add-ons or extensions and keep browser safe.

But if your homepage has changed, the first thing you should do is to change it back to your desired site, and then re-launch the browser to confirm whether you have controlled it or not. If it still continues to redirect you to their links then you should check whether all the malwares, viruses, caches and the cookies are cleared out from your browser or not.

7) Reset the Browser

If the problems still persist, best is to reset the browser. Restoring your browser to default setting will wipe your browser from all the present settings. It will wipe out all the saved data and customization which also includes the malicious virus, malware, adware etc.

8) Using Internet Browser Cleaners Software

There are ample internet browser cleaners software available in the internet to keep browser safe. Instead of doing it manually you can take the help of an authentic and best computer browser cleaner software available in the market.


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CCleaner, Free Internet Eraser, System and Internet Washer Pro etc are few of the suggested best internet browser cleaner software available in the market. You can either choose from these or select from hundreds of other software.

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