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The Top 5 Google Chrome Web Applications

The Google Chrome Web Store never ceases to amaze online users with the introduction of more creative and useful web applications. If you are Web developer or blogger read more about 70 Google Chrome Extension For Web Developers / Bloggers.

You might want to jump into the online store and start hoarding everything and anything in sight.  Before you do, be sure to add the following top five best Google Chrome web apps to your shopping list.


Top 5 Google Chrome Web Applications


Top Five Best Google Chrome Web Apps

1.  Gmail – Google Chrome App

Email technology and efficiency peak with Gmail.  Whether you are looking to connect with contacts via embedded instant messaging or engage in face-to-face communication, Gmail allows you to do so without ever migrating to another page or separate application.


Gmail For Chrome

Install Gmail Google Chrome App


Gmail even saves you from unwanted emails as it has less spam than the average email application. Boasting powerful features from built-in voice and video chat to Google Search technology, Gmail is the supreme Google Chrome web application.

2.  wikiHow Survival Kit

This user-friendly Google Chrome web app successfully guides you through life’s stickiest situations.  An archive of wiki articles, the wikiHow Survival Kit serves dual roles as both a disaster management protocol and practical life survival skills information center.


wikiHow Survival Kit Chrome App

Install wikiHow Google Chrome App


The invaluable app includes guides on surviving bear attacks, kidnappings, imprisonment and other rare but dangerous situations.  Featuring everything from first aid to self-defense and CPR, wikiHow Survival Kit is a must-have item for those that live on the wild side.

 3.  Picnik

Whether you are an amateur or beginner, Picnik turns you into a photo editing genius.  A popular photo editing tool, Picnik boasts creative tools ranging from basic adjustments to professional retouches.  Picnik will quickly become your favorite tool to keep your creative juices flowing.


Picnik Google Chrome App

Install Picnik Google Chrome App


Simply sync this powerful Google Chrome web app with Flickr, Facebook, Picasa Web and other photo sharing sites to let your friends in on the fun.

 4.  Bejeweled

Now included into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame and considered “the best puzzle game since Tetris,” Bejeweled is back and better than ever before.  The Google Chrome edition of Bejeweled features dual modes that will hold millions of users captive once again.


Bejewled Chrome App

Install Bejeweled Google Chrome App


Classic Mode is perfect for relaxing while Speed Mode appeals to the more dynamic crowd.  Give PopCap’s addictive game a test run and get hooked all over again.

 5.  Canvas Rider

The concept of Canvas Rider is simple – ride a bike through the tracks drawn by other users.  Users from around the world create and upload new tracks every day, each one ready for a bike rider to set a new time record.


Canvas Rider Chrome App

Install Canvas Rider Google Chrome App


The award for fastest time certainly drives the addictive nature of this Google Chrome web app.  Simply set the time record for a given track and Canvas Rider will store your run for everyone to see with this Google Chrome web app.


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