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Top 5 Smartphone Browser Apps 2012

Depending on whether you’re a diehard Blackberry Rim, Android or Apple iPhone user, you probably use browser applications to surf the Internet from your phone.


Top 5 Smartphone Browser Apps 2012Read more about top 10 smartphones of the year 2012. And here are your top 5 options for cell phone browsers.



Top 5 Options For Cell Phone Browser 2012

Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser

Image Source: Andrew Currie via Flickr

Those searching for a free alternative to Safari should consider the Opera Mini Browser. It is available for every major smart phone device. Most users rave about Mini’s feature of handling websites with heavy graphics. It accomplishes this task by compressing every website’s version into a page that gets rerouted through its servers. Opera prides itself in providing a fast browsing experience for users with a tablet or phone. The efficient app features make it one of the top apps to download.



Dolphin Browser

Image Source: Luis M. Gallardo D. via Flickr

Dolphin browser is highly reliable as an Internet browser and offers features other smart phone apps don’t have. A few of those include a download manager, crash recovery system, and a full-screen mode. This app is very creative and allows users to draw symbols on websites to load the page. Dolphin supports flash and has an impressive bookmarking system.



Image Source: Google Play

Anyone who’s ever downloaded Firefox for Mac or Windows can expect a similar experience on their smart phone. It is full of safe and smart settings that help you to type less and browse the web faster. One of the best features of the Firefox mobile app is synching your bookmarks and passwords with every computer you use at work and home.



Skyfire Mobile Browser

Image Source: Skyfire

Highlights of the Skyfire browsing app include streaming video support and flash. If you’re searching for an Internet browser that uses cloud computing, Skyfire is ideal. It is also a top Android pick for surfing the web. Skyfire uses 75 percent less data than most smart phone, allowing you to fill your phone with other great apps.



Bolt Mobile Browser

Image Source: WAPReview

People who don’t want to experience a mini version of their favorite sites should take a look at Bolt. It is compatible with a variety of smart phones. The Bolt app is an efficient way to view full desktop pages and stream video. Like the Skyfire app, bolt uses cloud technology to optimize data and provide fast speeds for Internet browsing.


Download These Apps

Now that you’re informed about the best browsers apps, you can find out how simple they are to download. Most Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices already have pre-installed browsers.

The app stores just need you to do a quick search and download them directly to your device.

When it’s time to update your software you should opt for automatic updating so your browsers continue to run smoothly.

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