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Advantages & Disadvantages of app development

Just like any other choice you will make in your business, deciding whether or not to app development to supplement your website or business is an important decision that you should consider carefully.

Some businesses have made the mistake of trying to get an app in the store so quickly because they feared that they were missing out on the market. However, like most things, if you rush it, the end product will feel rushed and will not work to its best capability.

App development advantages disadvantages

Sit down and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide if app development is right for your business.


Advantages of app development

Reach more people

No matter how big the internet is and how many people actually use it, most of those people will never even make it to your website. If you spend time doing SEO techniques on your website, this may not necessarily be the case because you are already striving to get your page noticed in the search results.

For most businesses, however, having a website online is not going to give you access to the same amount of consumers that you can reach if you app development having it in the app store.

Good marketing tool

app development gives you the ability to market your business by offering specials and current information to your customers! For those who have never been to your website or location, you can give them a first-time visitors discount or something like that. There are just so many different ways that you can market your business by app development.

Keeps your name in the forefront

app development gives you the ability to send notifications to your customers. You can tell them about weekly or daily specials, new items added, or new articles written about topics in your niche! This keeps them coming back to your site and your app because you are always remind them. While you don’t want to go overboard with this, it is a good way to keep yourself recognized.

Made especially for mobile devices

Unlike websites, which can be a little tedious to load on mobile devices, going through iOS app development will leave you with an end product that is specifically designed for being viewed on a mobile device. It’s more user friendly, and your customers will appreciate the change in interface.


Disadvantages app development

Customers who don’t use apps

Just like some business owners don’t like change, there are those people who just aren’t going to use apps. You will not be able to get to these users through your app, but if they use your site just make sure to keep it current and relevant so you don’t lose these customers!

Need to take time for app development

A rushed product is a failed product. Make sure that whoever is app development takes the time they should. It will take time and money away from other products you may have, but it will be worth it in the long run.

App building Cost

Deciding how much you have to spend and evaluating whether you will charge for people to pay for your app will help to see what it will cost you in the end. Whatever the case, it is coming out of your pocket.


You have made the right choice by considering doing iOS app development or with android app development ( Read how to make your smartphone apps more flexible with android app development ) for your business. Now make another good choice by taking the time to consider the advantages and the disadvantages of app development. While most people will end up choosing to create one, it is better to consider all aspects before starting rather than beginning the process of development and realizing you shouldn’t have done it.


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