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What Did We All Do Before YouTube? – Infographic

YouTube is insanely popular, as we’ve discussed before. Millions of users watch videos there every single day, spending hours digesting the content posted by musical artists, the movie industry, and even independent cartoonists, artists, and filmmakers. What on Earth did we do with our online time before that grand time-spender, ...Read More »

Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5 – 32GB

Apple and Google finally launched their latest flagship products in 2013, finally giving a rest to the much anticipated showdown. The verdict is out and it seems like a close neck-to-neck call. But one thing is sure: the fans are happy. Let’s have a look at what these best mobiles ...Read More »

Google PageRank Update 6th Dec 2013

Google PageRank Update 6th Dec 2013

Google Pagerank Update is Going on (6th December, 2013). Google Pagerank just updated! if you are yet to check your site PR. After so many rumors, finally Google gave Christmas surprising gift for all webmaster (PageRank update 2013). It could been a good news for those whose Google Pagerank raised ...Read More »

Google’s New Trend: Moto X

Motorola Moto X

Google is working to help bring manufacturing back to America by introducing the Moto X, which is a smartphone that will be assembled primarily in a Texas factory, creating up to 2,000 new jobs. This move is not only seen as patriotic, it can help save on the cost of ...Read More »

Complete Overview: How Google Counting Local Results!

Google Local Result Blended results

Many of the people consider the method of counting of different local or organic results by the search engine giant – Google as a simple thing; however, the fact is it employs complex procedures to count the search results and the blended local results. Hence it’s not the old KG ...Read More »

How To Recover From Google Penalties

Google Penalties Recovery

Google penalties occur when you break their SEO rules. These are the rules that Google have set up, and they are not the law of the Internet. Nevertheless, if you want to be listed on Google’s search engine then you need to play by their rules. They have a set ...Read More »

Tips Which Help You To Know Google Penalty

Tips Which Help You To Know Google Penalty

Google Penalty! All search engines try to produce relevant contents about a particular keyword search. If there are some discrepancies of the honesty of the results produced then Google imposes a penalty on the site that is responsible. There are many reasons for which Google penalty, but the main reason ...Read More »