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3 Google Analytics Reports To Use

With Google analytics as a sales tool, business owners can easily maximize their online sales potential. Although the entire analytics program is too complex to cover briefly, there are three main features of Analytics: Analytics Intelligence, Advanced Segmentation, and Flexible Customization.

Google Analytics Reports To Use

Google Analytics provides a customized dashboard where users can store the information and reports they need so that it can be easily disseminated to others.

Some of the Google Analytics customized reports include

  • Advanced segmentation.
  • Advanced analysis.
  • Analytics intelligence.

3 Google Analytics Reports

Advanced Segmentation

This feature will break down visitors into predefined categories, such as those who came from a paid advertisement, those who arrived via an organic search, and so forth. It can also be used in a comparative format to track current visit and sales statistics compared to historical performance. So that a business knows exactly which areas need improvement.

Segmentation reports can also indicate the geographic origins of searches so that businesses can tailor products to a specific geographic area. Which can be useful in locating local suppliers, pinpointing those areas that provide the most revenue, or catering to a specific demographic.


Advanced Analysis

For tailoring reports and manipulating the data to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate results, Analytics’ advanced analysis tools are the ultimate solution. Pivot tables combine with filtering features and a variety of sort and display options so that they can provide almost any informational need.


Google Analytics Intelligence

1) Up-to-the minute reporting on changes or specified thresholds can quickly alert a business to changes in consumer trends and habits that can significantly impact the bottom line.

2) Reports from Google Analytics can be customized to various needs, then scheduled to automatically run at specific intervals and then be forwarded to the appropriate recipient(s). The reports are customizable for specific levels of sensitivity, so that individuals receive only the information they need to receive. They can even be scheduled to run simultaneously and in multiple levels.

3) Google Analytics can analyze the landing pages on a site to determine the effectiveness of their content in converting visitors to customers. It will also track the habits of visitors to determine any obstacles that may prevent them from becoming customers, as well as the percentage of visitors who register on the site. Ensuring that visitors are converted to registered customers can help maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

4) The Conversion University provides detailed information on conversion rates. Which is converting visitors into purchasing customers, and can indicate what changes need to be made to increase the conversion rate. Information on keyword and adword effectiveness can play a vital role in ensuring that a site is optimized for the search engines and that the keywords used are the most effective for the content. For those businesses that utilize adwords marketing, this can be the most effective way of determining the return on the advertising dollar.


Google Analytics is a very high-level marketing tool that is absolutely free to use. For those businesses who want to compete on a high-dollar level without spending the dollars to do so, Google Analytics may be the best method by which to attain that goal.

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