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How to choose Best Keywords for Google AdWords

When you choose your keywords properly you can be sure that only the people who are really interested in products and services you deal in, will find your pay-per-click advertisement.

If you do it right, you can generate good sales from your websites. Here are some tips to choose Best Keywords for Google AdWords.


Best Keywords For Google AdWords


Keywords for Google AdWords Tips

Think like your customer

First and the most important, think like your customer. If they are searching for products and/or services you sell, what are the likely words they would search with? Let’s say you deal in computers, peripherals and also maintenance services for them.

You could include words like computer service, laptop, desktop, keyboards, computer repair, wireless keyboard, and so on.


Keywords relevancy

Ensure the keywords you use are relevant to your products and services, and include variations of the name like spelling and grammatical variations and colloquialism. For example: desk top, desktops, desktop, Desktop, and so on.


Use very specific terms

Use very specific terms instead of generalized terms. This may generate lesser traffic, but such visits are more likely to be converted into sales. ‘Microsoft wireless optic mouse’ is a phrase that is very specific and only people who are looking to buy that product may visit the site.


Pay-to-click ad and your keywords

The words in your pay-to-click ad and your keywords/phrases should be closely connected. Also, make sure that these in turn are similar to the words in your website and the home page.


Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to generate ideas for keywords. You can make up a big list this way. Once you enter a keyword on the URL, the results are displayed; you can select the words that rank high.


Use Website Content Option

The Website Content Option will give you the words most relevant to your own website. The search based Keyword Tool gives you the keywords that have been searched for based on your URL.


Location Service

Change your settings and language and make sure that the right content is displayed to the right person. When you include the locality in your keyword, customers searching for the services or products in your area will find it easy to reach you.

For example, if you are based in Sacramento, you could use ‘Computer technicians in Sacramento’ as a keyword.


Remove negative keywords

Suppose you sell printers but not scanners, you could use a keyword ‘printers’-scanners so that anyone searching for scanners will not be directed to your website.


Keyword Matching Options

There are three types of matching options:

  • Broad match
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match

You can use punctuations to specify what type of match you are looking for. Broad matches may generate much higher traffic but conversion may not be so great. Exact match will likely get you the best results.


Remember that in the end, people who visit your sites need to buy your products or services. So, choose your keywords with that objective in mind.


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