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Google’s New Trend: Moto X

Google is working to help bring manufacturing back to America by introducing the Moto X, which is a smartphone that will be assembled primarily in a Texas factory, creating up to 2,000 new jobs. This move is not only seen as patriotic, it can help save on the cost of logistics as well as meet the demands of customers more efficiently.

With over 130 million smartphones circulating all over the United States, you would think that at least one is produced on American soil, but none are. The Moto X will be the first smartphone manufactured in the United States ever. This will take place at a central manufacturing plant in Texas.

Motorola Moto X

This new smartphone is a product of Motorola, which currently has approximately 50 percent of their sales from North America. It only makes sense for the company to stay near their actual customer base.

One of the major concerns, however, is the hefty cost of production in the United States. There are many critics questioning whether an all-American smartphone will be able to compete with the leading brands in the market, such as Apple and Samsung. These brands take advantage of low labor costs associated with production in developing nations. A key factor in the success of this smartphone is the consumer attitude.


Google Trend- Motorola Moto X

Home-Grown Production

The processors of the Moto X will be produced in Taiwan and the LED screen will be outsourced to Korea; however, an overwhelming 70 percent of the phone’s assembly will be completed in the Fort Worth factory.

The chain of supply still resides in Asia, which means that the components and case will likely arrive in Texas already assembled. This is actually beneficial, as it will allow the company to save logistic costs and meet customer demand much more quickly. The main goal of Motorola is to have production close to their biggest consumer base.


Innovative Concepts from Motorola

The Moto X is predicted to be the main competition of the iPhone and will be the headliner of a new portfolio of products that is hoped to boost the falling fortunes of the company. This phone will actually have sensors installed to make the phone contextually aware of its surroundings.

These features will create an interface that predicts what users are going to do based on past behavior. The interface is then configured accordingly. While there are many other smartphone providers seeking contextual awareness technology, only Apple and Google have currently filed patents for use.


Motorola Moto X Video Review


A Rival for the iPhone

The efforts by Google are a strategy that is being implemented to rival the iPhone in the mobile market. Apple and Google have been going head to head for some time, with the Android market offered by Google coming out somewhat ahead of the Apple iOS.

There are some critics that seem to think that the release date of the Moto X should be reconsidered. This is because Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S and Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note III around the same time. Many believe that all of this hoopla and excitement could cause the launch of Moto X to become lost.


Official First Look: Motorola Moto X


Motorola Moto X Final Words

Additionally, Google is known for under-marketing their products. With Apple’s over-marketing strategies this can be a further blow to the introduction of the Moto X. It is a contender with the best smartphone brands; however, some of the strategies being used for the launch and marketing may have to be rethought for success.

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