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Google Now and Apple Siri – Comparison

Google on the 27th of June 2012, Introduced a massive update to Android 4.1 version including improved and faster search. A part of this update is the release of a powerful application that is called and known widely as “Google Now”. It guides and assists the user as a personal assistant about a number of routine activities.


Apple Siri

Apple Siri works as a kind of application for Apple’s operating system iOS. This personal assistant kind of app uses natural voice or language to carry out its functions.


Apple Siri


Apple Siri app can be customized according to the user’s preferences and recommends the user about nearby destination, important dates and meetings.


Google Now

The Apple Siri soon received a lot of complaints and negative reviews regarding the search and voice recognition feature.



Google Now


To overcome  complaints of Apple Siri , Google planned to launch a similar kind of app with much better features. While upgrading the Google search app on android phones, Google finally launched Google Now.



Google Now and Apple Siri  Similar Feature

Voice and language recognition : The key similar feature of Google Now and Apple Siri is their voice and language recognition based feature. This feature allows the user to give voice commands to the device to carry out its functions.

Whether you want to know about the latest scores, investigate about the nearer restaurants and holiday destination or whether you want to know about the important upcoming events or dates in your life, both Apple Siri and Google Now notify you on your device about answers to these questions.



Apple Siri Versus Google Now



Comparing Google Now with Apple Siri

Apple Siri is not actually a search engine

To mention it clearly, Apple Siri is not at all a search engine. It uses various sources such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and other search engines to provide users with the desired information. Because of this reason, apple Siri takes much more time than Google Now to provide the users with the answers to their questions.


Voice recognition is better in Google Now

Voice recognition system is far better in Google Now than in apple Siri. You do not have to talk in to the typical robot like pattern to give commands to the device. Google Now understands the meaning in your command and that is what makes it unique from Apple Siri.


Some key differences in Apple Siri And Google Now

  • Google Now understands the meaning of the commands and queries more accurately because it is itself a search engine.
  • Google Now gives more accurate and reliable answers as compared to Apple Siri.
  • Siri understands much less as compared to Google Now when the queries are being made in a noisy environment.


Google Now is intuitive while Apple Siri needs to be prompted

Google Now provides the answers to questions before they are asked. For instance, if you have visited a sports page, the Google Now will send you updates about that particular page. All the information that is relevant to your interest and preferences will be sent to your device automatically. This feature is not currently present in Apple Siri.

Apple Google review

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