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Google Panda Update – Know what Google Panda Updated?

Google Panda Update ! Now we will have to forget all techniques to top on Google, and if we want to higher position on Google search engine enumeration, our site has to be with high quality content.

Google will concentrate only on high quality content which is useful to their users, and avoid fake traffic on the websites.


Google Panda Update - Know what Google Panda Updated?

As we all know Google panda had changed the method that had been applied for over ten years now. Google panda replaced all the rules which it was using from the nearly about last 10 years to be better placed into the search engine qualification.


Know what Google Panda Updated?

1) Google Panda replaced the old Page Rank method with lot of complaints

2) Google Panda concentrated on how the users are using website instead of way other sites are sending or getting traffic.

3) After coming on your website through Google search engine, how much time users are spending time on your site and also the pages that he uses and the way he navigates through it, it is going to matter.

4) Google Panda have an automated system that counts the way users are treating the site and the interest that they have on every page of the site. This is the new quality method that will have the most powerful influence on Google rating.

5) Google Panda registers the level of experience that user have with your website depending on the time that user is spending on your website.


Google Panda Implementation

This is how Google panda is going to implement to avoid low quality websites to come on first position. Only useful content, interested sites, high content sites or in short sites which are capable to attract users is going to top.

In other words, reduce your bounce rate and try to use Google Analytic Tool more efficiently, because using this tool, we can check everything like how the user landed on the site and how long will take until he will close the page etc. and Google Panda will do the same

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