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Google Play For Android – Taking Apple’s Lead

Google Play! For some time Android phone users have been downloading apps from the Android Marketplace, but no more.

Google, taking Apple’s lead, have now developed a central online hub known as Google Play, amalgamating. All of the search engine giant’s separate media components into one place which can be accessed via computers, as well as through mobile devices and smartphones. Who runs the world, Google? read more if you are interested.


Google Play For Android


How Google Play May Change Your Life

Google Play Is An Expansive Library

Like iTunes, Google Play is an expansive library for all your media goodies, from music to movies to books. Making the switch to Google Play might seem like a formidable task, especially if you’ve already worked hard on building up your own vast media library, but there are some great benefits if you feel you’re up to the job.


How Google Play Helping You And Making Your Life Easier

Centralizing Your Various Media Components

By centralizing all of your various media components into one place, Google Play allows users to access music, videos, books, apps and games; all from the same friendly interface. In the past Google separated these libraries into Google Books, Google Music, and Google Movies.

Keep Everything In The Same Place

Now, united under the banner of Google Play, you can keep everything in the same place and simply filter for what you need at a specific time. The market available on smartphones for Android users allows them to purchase any app at any time, with easily navigable categories to filter through.

Store Your Media Files Online

In addition, all of your media files can be stored online; this means there is no need to sync your devices to one another, as all your media will be there at your fingertips as long as you have an internet connection.

Google Play Boasts A Wide Range Of Great Features

Space for up to 20,000 songs; the ability to sync media quickly and efficiently across different devices including a home computer; even the option to upload any of your files onto a secure cloud server, accessible from anywhere with connectivity.

Google Play And Smart Devices

Users can purchase eBooks to transfer onto a smartphone or eReader, as well as rent or stream movies. With over 450,000 Android apps available in the Google Play app section, you’ll never need another app store.

Thing about Google Play, you can find more information about android phones at the Dial-a-Phone website.


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