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Tips For Getting Traffic From Google Plus Social Network

There’s a lot of hype about Google Plus, but there’s also a lot of downplaying. The reality is that the social network may never get as big as Facebook, but this is focusing on the wrong data.

Getting Traffic From Google Plus Social Network Tips
Getting traffic on your site is just as much about retention as it is about that first visit. Also, bear in mind, Google plus has 50 million users, which hardly makes it small.



How To Get Traffic From Google Plus Social Network Tips

1) Advertising With Google Plus

Using targeted ads to drive traffic is a great tactic. With Google Plus you have the ability to market directly to the kind of visitors you are trying to reach. Reports show that click-through rates are 5 to 10 percent higher on ads that have been ticked up by their friends, so targeting ads to your user’s friends is an extremely powerful tactic.

It also sends a clear message. The more people you can get to give you a +1, the higher your conversion rates will get. This is a process that will require communicating with your visitors and keeping them engaged.


2) Google Plus Circles

The most stand-out feature of Google Plus is the ability to organize your contacts into circles. In this way, you’ll be able to categorize them by interests, closeness, and whatever other factors you want. This is a great way to target your campaigns more effectively. This way you won’t end up sending messages to people who aren’t interested, by keeping an eye on what they respond to best.

Organize your top contacts into an inbox folder and check it every day. If you’re using the network properly, you will probably have enough contacts that you can’t necessarily talk to all of them. Instead, pay attention to what the most influential people are saying, join in on the conversations, and sprinkle in as many responses with everybody else as you can. Devote about half of your Google Plus time to influential relationship building, and the other half to building relationships with your everyday audience.


3) Set Up a Google Card

Install a Google Card widget on your blog so that people who visit you site are aware of your brand page. Encourage users to share your content on Google Plus if they enjoy it.


4) Use Google Plus Sparks

Sparks is similar to Google Alerts in that it keeps you up to date with changes in what’s happening around you. Essentially, it is a customized news stream that steps outside of your immediate social circle in order to give you topically relevant content that has sparked social engagement. You can set up sparks about any subject you like.

To make the most of it, use sparks about your brand and your keyword, so that you can respond to anybody who starts discussing these subjects and become socially involved with them. In this way you know that they already have an interest in your topic and would be interested to learn more.

This is also a great way to stay up to date on the industry so that you always have something to say. Users won’t stick around if you don’ offer value, and being informed is quickly becoming par for the course.


5) Use Google Plus Hangouts

Text can only go so far, and hangouts give you a chance to communicate in video format, which creates a more personal user experience. The impact of a face-to-face communication is almost replicated by this technology, with the benefit that it can be accomplished on a much larger scale.

Ultimately, regardless of issues with the popularity of Google Plus, the site still offers value that can’t be found on other social networks. On top of that, it is almost certainly being mined by Google for signals of reputability and authority, so it would be wise to take advantage of it as much as possible.



So how do you get traffic from Google Plus? If you are missing any of the above Tips or you may say Google Plus ‘s feature for getting traffic don’t wait and go ahead with above Google Plus  tips for getting traffic for your website. Also check out Here how to get more Google plus ( + ) followers.


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