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Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5 – 32GB

Apple and Google finally launched their latest flagship products in 2013, finally giving a rest to the much anticipated showdown. The verdict is out and it seems like a close neck-to-neck call. But one thing is sure: the fans are happy.

Let’s have a look at what these best mobiles in India, iPhone 5S and Nexus 5 have brought to the table.


iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5
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Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5 (32GB)


Nexus 5, with its super thin design and light weight, is incredibly pocket-friendly. Compared to the iPhone, Nexus is 11 percent longer, 17 percent wider and 13 percent thicker but still bags good points on easy operability.


As far as the build of these phones goes, it’s plastic vs. aluminum. Nexus 5 has a smooth high-end matte finish. But the slick and slim aluminum design of iPhone 5S makes it one of the best looking devices in the market.


Nexus 5 is available in two solid colors – standard black and white – which do look much better than its previous versions. iPhone 5S has mixed it up further this year by adding a brand new gold color. While the grey iPhone handset supports a black front, the gold and silver models come with white faces.

Screen Display

By setting the standard really high for screen displays by introducing retina display, iPhone 5S is bigger and better than ever before. But Nexus 5 is doesn’t lag behind. LG has provided Nexus 5 with a beautiful 1080p 4.95-inch display that creates a festivity of colors.

While Nexus provides a great-clarity 445 pixel per inch display, iPhone offers only 326 pixels per inch.



iphone camera photo

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Apple comes with one of the best cameras in the industry. iPhone 5S offers an increased sensor size of 15% which will shoot improved photos in low-lighting. The aperture has also been increased from F/2.4 to F/2.2 which invites 25% more light in to the frame. Also, its new True Tone dual-LED flash results in better accuracy in color reproduction. On the other hand, Nexus 5 offers a fairly mediocre camera at best. However, one can accept better camera functionality with the latest Android 4.4.2 update which brings faster auto-focus with better color tones.

Battery Performance

mobile Battery

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The iPhone 5S non-removable Li-Po 1560 mAh battery offers over 250 hours of standby time with 10 hours of talk time and 40 hours of music play.

Nexus 5 too leads neck-to-neck with 5S with its small 2300mAh battery that can last up to 17 hours of 3G talk time with a total of 300 hours of standby time. Comparing the phones just became tougher.

Fingerprint sensor

Apple‘s Touch ID sensor is perhaps the most striking feature of iPhone 5S. All it requires is the setting of a pass code and feeding the phone up to five fingerprints and simply by resting a finger on the home button, the phone will unlock. This amazing security feature finds no home in Nexus 5.


Both phones are among the best mobiles in India and come with the fastest processors there are.  As far as RAM goes, Nexus 5 offers 2 GB while Apple offers 1 GB. Coming to the operating system, iPhone 5S gives you a plethora of new features with iOS 7  like Center, Activation Lock, Air Drop, and an improved Notification.

On the contrary, Nexus 5 enhances the user experience with KitKat 4.4 by providing instant access to search, navigation, and translation tasks.


The 32GB models of iPhone 5S and Nexus 5 will cost you differently with regard to different retailers, deals and discounts. While with the iPhone model you can expect a bracket of Rs. 60,000 to 66,000, with the Nexus model, expect a bracket of Rs. 33,000 to 34,000.


Apple iPhone 5S Vs LG Nexus 5 Summary

Now that a fair idea about the different specifications of iPhone 5S and Nexus 5 has been established, the final decision to choose one lays with you. Compare the phones with diligence as both offer something that’s a miss in the other. But it really comes down to the operating system functionality and your own preference.


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