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Major Developers’ May Now Respond to App Reviews on Google Play

Google is one of the top search engines in the world today. One is just seconds away in getting any type of information from Google.

People are used to give reviews on any topic, blog or on app stores to ask any sort of problem they are experiencing. They also want a positive reply from the owner, admin or any sort of developer of the page or blog.


Response of App Reviews on Google Play

In the past, one can write anything in favor or against of the product or application but can’t get a reply from the developer but now Google has changed this practice. It’s good news that the top developers in the world can now give replies of the reviews made by people on Google play.

This new feature Google play has just introduced by Google and it is really good news for the users to easily interact with the developers. This feature was not available before either on Apple’s app stores or on Google but now this feature is available on Google application store, play.(Read more about Google Play For Android – Taking Apple’s Lead)

App Reviews on Google Play

Keep in mind that not all the developers are allowed to give replies or comments of the reviews made by people. This feature ” Google Play ” is only in use of major developers.


Advantages of Google’s New Feature (Google Play)

  • This idea can give developers a platform to see complaints of the users and reply them at the same time on the same platform which is really fantastic.
  • When a developer gives reply of a review made by any user, Google send a notification through email that the developer has given comment on your review.
  • Another thing is that if a user is not satisfied with the reply or comment of the developer then he can directly contact the developer to solve the remaining confusions.
  • The comments made by developers can be seen publicly so that all the users can find the solution of their problems even by not asking any question.
  • This new characteristic should be beneficial since it will admit top developers to reply to valuable public reviews. By talking with the users, developers will gain a sense of how their products are working.

Getting reviews on the applications or products help developers to know what people are asking for and what is the need. What common problem people are mostly facing and replying to those complaints is really a new exposure for the developers.

The developers are enjoying this new feature and at the same time the users are also happy to have this feature in their pocket. Hence this feature is only available for the top developers but the plan is to introduce this feature also for the common developers. The top developers are demanding to see this feature in Apple’s app store and even everywhere.


Finally, this new feature ” Google Play ” is making its valuable place in the life of developers and users as well as saving the time of the users who want urgent replies of their problems.

Google Google Play

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