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Why Should You Switch from iPhone to Android?

With the new release on the market of the mobile phones based on Google’s Android applications, many iPhone owners start to reconsider their choice and think of switching from their iPhone to Android based phones.


Switch from iPhone to Android


Reasons to make the switch from Android to iPhone

  • Notification system : Could be one reason. Android has a single notification system providing alerts on various aspects of your life as a cell phone owner, such as Facebook notifications, weather alerts, and many other more.
  • Connectivity : There is an easy connectivity setting. As compared with the iPhone on which you have to browse a lot through the setting menu, to turn on and off the Wi Fi before you really connect the device to the feature you need, with Android things are way simpler. Through the power widget you can connect to whichever you wish right from the home screen.
  • Web Browser : A fast and capable web browser. Maybe this feature is the most appealing one to many users. iPhone uses Safari, but with this one you can not play games or watch videos right on the web pages.
  • Easy access to Google : Android being the creation of Google, it goes without saying that you will have quick access to this most popular and safer search engine of all. You can get easy contact with your Gmail account, not to mention that you are not required to sync your phone through iTunes feature. This will definitely persuade users to dump their iPhone device for the one based on Android OS.
  • Multiple carriers : You are given the chance to use one of the multiple carriers as compared to iPhone which is stuck with AT&T for this service. The devices using Android operating system are detectable on a considerable number of carrier networks, giving you the choice to get the one that you are the most comfortable with using.
  • Open source : Being an open source, Android operating system is always ready to embark into new experiences that many developers can offer to the users. Apart from this they have better chances of being in control over the way their applications can be customized in accordance to the user’s needs. On the other hand, many iPhone users are not very satisfied by the lack of support Flash comes with. With the open source feature, Android is always available for developers to add support whenever needed.


Why to use Android instead of iPhone

As you have seen, there are several reasons why one can switch from their iPhone to Android operating system for their smart phone. Not to mention that there are as well a multitude of other features available with this system which we bet that you might be interested in.

Make more research in this respect and you will find out things that can be done through your Android based device without even knowing that this application can truly exist.

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