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Tips Which Help You To Know Google Penalty

Google Penalty! All search engines try to produce relevant contents about a particular keyword search. If there are some discrepancies of the honesty of the results produced then Google imposes a penalty on the site that is responsible.

There are many reasons for which Google penalty, but the main reason is that there should not be any fraud in the construction of the site that will lead to false and irrelevant results being produced. Read more about Google Penalties Reasons Or How To Tackle Them.

Tips Which Help You To Know Google Penalty


Tips To Know Site Hit By Google Penalty

Reasons for imposing a Google Penalty

The main reasons based on which most of the penalties are imposed are

  • Hidden links present in the site that produce false results
  • Hidden texts can also produce similar discrepancies
  • Cloaking or redirects that are misleading can also be a ground for imposing a Google penalty
  • Automated queries that are sent to Google can also be another reason
  • If pages which are irrelevantly worded are loaded then that can also result in Google Penalty
  • Domains or sub domains that has duplicate content, and also multiple pages can give rise to similar problems
  • Doorway pages can also be harmful in this sense, and it is similar in the case of cookie cutters designed for SEO

Too much of Search Engine Optimization features, with little or no relevance to the original content of the site can increase the risk of a Google penalty. This is the most common mistakes repeated in a website which will cause a Google Penalty reward.


How to detect a Google Penalty

One of the most common beliefs is that if your site is losing rank on the Google search engine then it has acquired a penalty. A rank is the order in which the sites seem according to the keyword used and the relevancy of the content. So this is not an exact of predicting whether your site has a Google penalty or not. The ranks change with publication of every new article about the same content. The ranks also change with change in functioning algorithms of the site.

  1. One of the best ways to find if your site has suffered a Google penalty is to search for site: If this produces no result but your site was before indexed then you have a penalty.
  2. Another way is very straight forward where you receive a warning from Google in your webmaster tools.
  3. There are also some undetectable ways of imposing a penalty. These ways can be very manual where the rank of your site is forcefully reduced.


What to do for when of a Google Penalty?

There are ways of getting free from Google penalties. It is however a step by step process where the first step is to find the reason for this penalty. You then need to rectify the problem. When you are certain your site has no more discrepancies on which penalty can be imposed, contact Google.

So to round it up, Google penalties are very common today. You should try to avoid such penalties, but if you get one, there are ways to unwound them.

Google Penalty

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