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Get Your Website To The Top Of Google After Penguin

At the start of 2012, most internet marketers received heavy Google ‘slaps’ and the majority of them lost their income over night. (Things You Need To Know About Google ‘s Algorithm Updates.)

It’s an unprecedented period that made us all rethink the way we do business, the way we monetize our traffic, and what we are offering to our customers. It doesn’t matter if we sell products, offer information or use no monetization whatsoever, Google will slap us if we don’t align with their polices.

Google Panda Penguin Algorithm Updates

But so many perfectly good sites have been downed and so many poor quality websites have risen from the sandbox. We know Google is still balancing things up ever since, but the future is quite uncertain.


Website To The Top Of Google After Penguin

Google’s direction as per Penguin Update

Google is struggling to constantly redefine their vision of what means a “quality site”, and translates their vision into algorithmic systems that can then be used automatically in order to process search queries and distribute the results to the customers.

Most people who have been affected by Panda, have no idea what happened to their sites, all they know is that their sites got slapped and they have no idea what path to take in order to claim their old ranking spot. This is obviously more than just a “Google dance” because the dance partners are also changing.


Who’s dancing with whom?

Thousands of Google partners have been affected. The most predominant category is the article directories. These link building tools have been going back and forth, and great article directories that used to rank so well in SERPs, are constantly getting demoted or even de-indexed. The affiliates are also feeling the pain and everyone seems to complain about the changes that put their business at risks every single day.

In July 2011, Google released Panda 2.3, which affected the entire category of article directories. Among the most affected was E-How and Ezine, mainly because a great portion of their content was either junk or unoriginal. After the slap, Ezine and all the others have risen the bar for their submission processes and now it’s harder than ever to get an article accepted.

We are glad for this change because in doing so, their quality will risen, therefore, Google will rank our articles better, which will result in better rankings for our websites in the end.


Our direction on Penguin Update

Have you ever wondered what is the main reason behind so many updates, and why so many internet marketers are complaining about the constant Google changes that shut down their entire business for months, and in rare cases indefinitely?

You probably know the answer already: progress.

  • Google wants a more controlled environment for sharing and distributing informational content.
  • Google hates spam as much as we do, if they didn’t, the internet would be filled with spam and they wouldn’t be making any money.
  • They don’t make any money off spammers so their main concerned is actually business-oriented self-interest, which happens to align with a positive direction.

With the Google Panda and Penguin updates the internet is moving forwards towards creating more accurate search engine application.

Google Google Penguin

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