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Beware From Hackers, They Can Tap USB Devices In New Attacks

Hackers Can Hack Computers Using USB Devices

In a recent research, it has been revealed that our computers can now be hacked even through the USB devices we use such as keyboards, mice, flash drives etc. These peripherals can be used to hack into our computers breaking through all safety precautions. The chief scientist at Berlin‘s SR ...Read More »

Go Online Without Being Tracked – TOR

TOR Go Online Without Being Tracked

Where you walk you leave your footprints; similarly, the moment you open your internet browser and start your browsing you leave a track behind. These tracking are done by marketing companies and also any state police. These are also known as virtual prisons at time. At times you do not ...Read More »

Cybersquatting: Threat For The Trademark Security Of Your Company

Cybersquatting Threat For The Trademark Security

Trademark lawsuit cases are not new and will definitely not be over soon, against all measures and regulations implemented by the authorities. Whether some companies simply mooch other companies’ names and easily re-adjust them for themselves, whether they are downright stealing names or abandon contracted trademarks, the legal archives are full ...Read More »

Various Methods To Log on to Windows XP

Various Methods To Log on to Windows XP

There are lot of methods available to log on to Windows XP with Administrator rights and privileges in case you forget login password. Today we will discuss it one by one.     Methods To Log on to Windows XP 1) Simple Method To Log on to Windows XP 1) Reboot ...Read More »

Top Tips To Avoid Online Identity Theft

Avoid Online Identity Theft

According to statistics compiled by, more than 15 million Americans experience identity theft each year. And many of these incidents involve some form of online identity theft. A more troubling statistic is that many Americans feel they are taking the proper online security precautions when in fact they are ...Read More »

Password Hacking! Tips To Keep Your Password From Being Hacked

Keep Your Password From Being Hacked

Password or account hacking? Birth dates, bank numbers, phone numbers, pin numbers, home addresses, dogs names etc. Many of you have one of these as passwords for one or all your online accounts! What’s even worse is having the same password for all your accounts. Well, it is pretty hard to ...Read More »

How To Hack An Acura Navigation System

2012 Acura ZDX

Acura Navigation System! If you want to hack and customize your Acura ’s in-dashboard navigation system then it is actually surprisingly easy and can be done by anyone who has a small amount of computer knowledge. This is how you do it in very simple to understand steps.   How ...Read More »

FedEx Email Virus Infection

Fake FedEx Email Virus Infection, Malicious Attachment

Email Virus Infection It is safe to say that no one has ever infected their computer with a virus by opening mail delivered by the postal service, but since more and more people use the internet for email, the potential for viruses to get into their computer is real. Even ...Read More »

Hack Or Extract Saved Passwords

Hack Or Extract Saved Passwords

It is Quite Dangerous to save your password in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Google Chrome, or even in Messengers. Whenever you select “Remember my Password” option, then your Passwords are Automatically saved into your Computer, for further use. The saved Passwords can be retrieved quite easily( Hack Or Extract ...Read More »

Hack Windows XP Admin Password

Various Methods To Log on to Windows XP

Most of the times of  much more Windows users are facing this problem of  losing their Admin account password.So that they can not login inn to their machine and going through a worst condition. This technique, trick or you  can say hack which will allow you to login in to ...Read More »