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Go Online Without Being Tracked – TOR

Where you walk you leave your footprints; similarly, the moment you open your internet browser and start your browsing you leave a track behind. These tracking are done by marketing companies and also any state police. These are also known as virtual prisons at time.

At times you do not want to be tracked as you are opening a site which is not allowed in your country or you are still a kid and want to open an adult site. In similar situations, there are tricks and tips to crack these difficulties with simple measures. However, there are ways to break this virtual prison or rather not get into it all. One of them is using The Onion Router or TOR Wiki.

The Onion Router or also known as TOR is free software to enable anonymity on line and you can go online Without Being Tracked. The usage of Tor Wiki ensures that you are not being tracked (Online Without Being Tracked) by any of the websites. It simply ensures anonymity. TOR not only hides the source and destination of the user but also hides the browsing history, identity and the location.


In simple words, it hides what you do on internet. TOR also has the capability of hiding the IP addresses of the server. Due to its network design, a hidden service is accessed instead of onion address. Here is a guide which will help you to know all the facts about the usage of TOR.


TOR – Go Online Without Being Tracked

How TOR works?

With the help of TOR structure design, the messages which are send by the user while browsing are encrypted in repetition. Once these messages are encrypted, the router sends them through various network nodes. These routers are known as Onion Routers. Now the work of the router starts, wherein it uncovers each layer of encrypted message to decode the message.

TOR Go Online Without Being Tracked

This process is very similar to the peeling of onions and hence this entire network has the name of The Onion Router. Once this message is again sent to the next router, it reaches the destination without revealing the identity or the origin of the user.


How to install TOR?

It is simple to install TOR on your computer. You need to download the latest version of Vidalia (You can download Vidalia as part of a Tor software bundle) or any other good privacy applications. Select the applications based on your operating system. (Please check download links below)

Once you download and install, a control panel will appear on your screen showing the status or TOR.


How to set up TOR?

Once installation is completed, you need to set up TOR wiki on your browser. The same is again easy. Just type Torbutton on your browser and get the set up installed. Once installed, you will see a control panel with the status of TOR.

Following these steps will ensure a safe and secure installation of TOR set up on your computer; however, once you install this software, you need to regularly update the same. The first version of this software was launched in 2002 and thereafter it underwent many changes to fix the various bugs faced by the user and is still undergoing more changes and is improving day by day. Technology is growing with a fast space and hence it is very important that you are always updated with the same.

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