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How To Hack An Acura Navigation System

Acura Navigation System! If you want to hack and customize your Acura ’s in-dashboard navigation system then it is actually surprisingly easy and can be done by anyone who has a small amount of computer knowledge. This is how you do it in very simple to understand steps.
How to Hack An Acura Navigation System


How To Hack An Acura Navigation System With A New Loading Screen

a) Firstly you will need to put the keys into your Acura car’s ignition and start the engine up.

b) Your navigation system should now initialize.

c) When you see the main blue start-up screen you will need to hold down the “map”, “guide”, “menu” and “cancel” buttons all at the same time for 5 seconds.

d) You can now press the “version” button on the touch-screen and this will now display a very important number which you will note down. It should look something like this: BNHH401A.BIN

e) Now eject the Acura navigation DVD from the disc drive and take it indoors to your PC.

f) You will need to place the disc into your computer and then explore to find all the files on it.

g) Once you can see the files, please copy and paste them into a folder on the hard-disk of your PC.

h) You will now see about nine different .BIN files which will total around 104 mega-bytes of memory. Find the file that corresponds to the number you noted down earlier from the PC and open it up using note pad.

i) You can now change the start-up screen on your Acura navigation system… all you need to do is find a line in the code in front of you that says startup.jpg – you can now swap that JPG over for one completely of your own choice.


2012 Acura ZDX


Hack An Acura Navigation System

Once you have decided on what new image you want to use, you should then burn the DVD again and then place back into your Acura car. When you next boot-up the GPS system you will get to see your photo that you chose to use rather than the boring Acura official version!


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