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Password Hacking! Tips To Keep Your Password From Being Hacked

Password or account hacking? Birth dates, bank numbers, phone numbers, pin numbers, home addresses, dogs names etc. Many of you have one of these as passwords for one or all your online accounts! What’s even worse is having the same password for all your accounts.

Well, it is pretty hard to keep track of passwords when you have accounts for everything starting with banking to shopping and social networking!


Keep Your Password From Being Hacked


It has become common for people to update their status telling their friends that their account has been hacked! Here are a few simple tips to keep your accounts from being hacked.


How To Keep Your Password from Being Hacked – Tips

Keep changing your password

It is a daunting task, but it helps in keeping your information secure end of the day. When you give a password, never go for the obvious ones like your birth dates and phone numbers. Your next door neighbor can hack in to your accounts if you have these passwords!

A combination of letters and numbers will make a strong password. Use a combination that is easy to remember and not too obvious!


Protecting your computer for securing your online accounts

Your computer and Internet go hand-in-hand. Protecting your computer is important for securing your online accounts. Have solid security software for your computer. Nowadays, most of the providers in the market offer a comprehensive security suite as part of the Internet package.

Check on the network providers near your locality and choose the one offering good online protection. They offer Identity guards that protect your online accounts from hackers.


Use software to generate passwords

There is software to generate passwords. These password generators allow you to create passwords that are extremely difficult to crack. You can choose the combination you want from the options given.

For example, you get options like lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, punctuation symbols, phonetics, etc. Based on the choice you make, it generates a highly secure password for you.


Avoid sharing personal information on social networking websites

With so many social networking websites available online, many of you make the mistake of sharing too much personal information. It is definitely a big boost to your ego when you see three hundred birthday wishes pouring on your wall.

However, remember that a lot of information like the banking number, social security number and other secure information make use of your date of birth. This gives a lot of hackers a great opportunity to hack your online accounts.


Be careful while sharing information online

Be careful with the information you provide online. Though it is a great platform to keep in touch with your friends and family, you might be an unlucky (and easy!) target to one of the many hackers in the virtual world.


Though these are simple tips to keep your online accounts or password safe, these are points you overlook when you are online!


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