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iOS 5.0 – What it means for iPhone 4S and Apple users

Apple customers will be plugging their iPhone s and iPad s into iTunes for the Apple’s iOS 5 update, which coincides with the release of the iPhone 4S on contract. It could be the last time users need to plug into a Mac or PC to update their device, as the aim for the future with the new software update is for updates to be delivered independently.


iOS 5 – What it means for iPhone 4S and Apple users


The iCloud will provide all updates and backups for all devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and the Touch.

Apple’s iOS 5 is one of the key features in the next generation of the iPhone. Updating what some critics described as a “cumbersome” system”, the ambition from Apple is to provide a new operating system for the iPhone 4S that runs smoother, quicker and makes multitasking easier.

Apple’s the new operating system iOS 5 sees the addition of over 200 features. Introducing some new ones, but also fixing complaints and issues some customers had with the iPhone 4.



Apple’s iOS 5 Features Overlook

iOS 5.0 Notification Center

The new notification center will be one of the most recognizable changes, allowing users to view and manage notifications in one place, without interrupting other activities with Apple’s iOS 5.


Mail And Calendar

Old apps like Mail and Calendar receive a new lick of paint with Apple’s iOS 5. Mail now offers an option to write in rich text and indent paragraphs, making the move from working remotely and working on a desktop more seamless. Important messages can be flagged and it is easier to search for content in the body of messages, rather than simply for names of senders. In Calendar, events can be shared on different devices via iCloud and can be synched with friends and family. They are also easier to create and view.


Photos Is Now An Editing Suite With iOS 5.0

Instead of just being a gallery, Photos is now an editing suite with the ability to crop and manipulate pictures, as well as providing enhancement tools like removing red-eye before the image is uploaded to the iCloud with the Apple’s iOS 5.


iOS 5.0 updates Safari, the Apple browser

Apple ‘s the new operating system iOS 5 also updates Safari, the Apple browser. Tabbed browsing, undoubtedly inspired by Google Chrome, and a Reading List hopes to make it more user-friendly. An option to remove ads from articles is also available via The Reader.


Apple App Has Been Optimized For Social Media

As the popularity of social media grows on Smartphones, Apple has identified a need to improve integration with one of the most popular platforms on the iPhone 4S. Each Apple App has been optimized for twitter, making it easier to share information they are reading online or pictures they have taken. Apple’s iOS 5 can make automatic updates that can be managed in Settings.


Parental Controls Available In iOS 5.0

For parents of iPhone 4S users, they can set their mind at ease with a series of parental controls available in iOS 5. Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Games Center and YouTube are just some of the Apps that have built-in parental controls. This extends to Location Services, ensuring each child’s experience with their smart phone is safe and secure, and they are not exposed to any unsuitable material. Parents can also control the Apps downloaded in the App Store and on iTunes.


The updates and overhauls delivered by Apple’s iOS 5 make the iPhone 4S mobile deals provide an impressive user experience and usher in a new generation of smartphones at Apple, but the benefits will be felt by all Apple customers as they update their devices.

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