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iPad Might Never Be the Same Again Because of the iOS 6

The latest mobile operating system from Apple for, the iO 6, was launched at the WWDC 2012. It brought many new improvements for Apple’s mobile devices; very soon, we will be able to use iOS 6 on the iPad.

With its new features and functionality, this new iOS 6 will give rise to a host of new possibilities to this device. Let us take a look at some of them. Also check it out Will iOS 6 On Apple iPhone 5 Be A Headache For App Developers?


Apple iOS 6


How iOS 6 Will Give Rise To A Host Of New Possibilities To iPad

iOS 6 Turns the iPad Into A Communication Device

iOS 6 makes it possible to make FaceTime calls over various cellular networks, as well as, Wi-Fi for both iPhone and iPad devices. Thus, iPad users can make good use of their 4G LTE connection because of this iOS 6 feature.


Offline Reading Will Come To The iPad

With the all new iOS 6, Safari will get offline reading lists, which will make it like the Instapaper app. Hence, users can read various topics of their interest even when they are offline.


Provide Effortless Navigation in Cars

The latest improvements made to Siri in iOS 6, gives iPad users more power than ever; now users can mount their 4G LTE iPad on their dashboards to get their very own ‘voice-driven connected navigation computer’. Apple’s brand new Maps app is also responsible for making this possible.

As such, many people use the GPS options on their iPad and this number will only increase with an enhancement as big as this. This along with the Eyes Free feature (integrated into the car systems), users can conveniently use their 4G LTE iPads for long journeys.


iPads May Replace Laptops In The Near Future

Various users already make use of the iPad to carry out their routine tasks in various fields such as business, education, entertainment or for general utility purposes. Now, with the iOS 6, the tablet device from Apple will get more features that will make it even more useful to the users.

For instance, the users will be able to directly upload content on the web without opening any app; they can upload their photos or videos directly from their Safari web browsers to various sites like eBay, YouTube, Craiglist etc.


Siri Can Make The iPad A Perfect Hands-Free Device

iOS 6 gives Siri new powers and provides many new languages to enhance its capacities. For example, Siri can now launch a host of apps, Tweet and update your status; it also shows scores of your favorite sports, game summaries and stats.

Also, it enables you to make reservations at restaurants and go through various reviews and ratings. Thus, you can easily turn on the iPad at home, and tap on the Siri app to launch it and give voice commands to Siri and get your work done.


Although it is too early to say what exactly the iOS 6 will change in the iPads, we can make certain assumptions as mentioned above, based upon the features and functions brought forth by the latest operating system iOS 6 by Apple Inc.

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