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The New iPad Release 2012

The New iPad or new iPad 3 – Much has been said about the release of the new iPad and also seen pictures for iPad 3. Whilst some have questioned its success, others (including Apple’s own CEO) actually claimed that it set new records. Just what records had been broken was not initially clear, as this CNNMoney article pointed out.

However, according to recent findings, we know that 3 million new iPad s were sold in 4 days – an impressive number, if not quite as high as the one associated with the iPhone 4S.


The New iPad Release 2012


New iPad 3 Release 2012

Given the sales volume, people will be no doubt be wondering what it is that makes this iPad so popular. Is it simply the fact that it’s the latest Apple tablet? No doubt part of its appeal for buyers lies in the kudos of the Apple brand. Simply put, its fashionable to own Apple’s latest and greatest gadget and iPad apps. But surely there’s more to it than that.


Does This New iPad Have Any Real Merits ?

Does this new iPad have any real merits? Or should savvy gadget-fans look into acquiring a cheap iPad 2 instead? In order to answer that question we should consider for a moment the biggest improvement in this latest iPad – the display. Yes, there were other changes (a new camera, 4G LTE capability and so on and so forth).

But when it comes down to it, the real selling-point in this new iPad is the quality of the display. Apple have made no bones about promoting the “Retina” screen as heavily as possible, declaring it to the best ever on any mobile device. This is a huge claim, but it would seem that many reviewers actually agree.


What’s So Good About The New iPad Screen ?

What’s so good about this screen? Firstly, it has four times as many pixels as the 2nd generation iPad, and (according to Apple)its color saturation is 44% greater. The result is a sharper, more vivid display that serves up images (and video) in a way that’s extremely easy on the eye.

If you thought the iPad 2 was good in this respect, you will probably be amazed by Apple’s latest offering.


The New iPad Journey

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Some early criticisms have been levelled against the new iPad. Firstly, certain reviewers point out that it’s a little chunkier than the iPad 2. And secondly, aside from the new screen and a few additional improvements one might argue that there is nothing substantially new about this tablet.

Perhaps it’s too much expect Apple to change everything, but we should remember that according to CEO Tim Cook claim the they were “redefining the category” with this new iPad release. By the looks of things so far, this may have been something of an exaggeration.


Still, nobody can deny that this new tablet looks rather stunning. And, if we are to believe Apple, the extra capabilities have not taken a toll on this iPad’s battery life. Yes, The new iPad ‘s or the New iPad 3 battery is life impressive.


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