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5 Brilliant Web Developers Tools For Android

As the Android platform continues to grow, web developers have an increasingly varied array of tools that can be used to make their job easier. Read more about Web Browsing And Android.

Here is a quick round up of some of the most popular Android applications for web developers.


Brilliant Web Developers Tools For AndroidBy Scarygami


Best Android Applications For Web Developers

1) PocketCloud RDP /VNC Android Web Development Tool

PocketCloud RDPAny web developer knows the benefit of a good VNC – especially when you need to access a remote server on the go. PocketCloud RDP is a free application developed by Wyse Technology that allows you to remotely connect to your desktop from any smart phone or tablet PC.

Among its unique selling points is it’s unbeatable security features, which were clearly developed with critical business needs in mind. PocketCloud offers secure tunneling for VNC, and its Pro version features NLS/TLAS encryption.

Its Touch Pointer is another interesting feature which enhances the navigation experience by providing a visible cursor tool with the functionality of a mouse. This allows you to right-click, left-click, and scroll smoothly and with actual precision – a feature that is sometimes lost in similar applications.

You can find more information and download this application at PocketCloud.


2) Pingdom Android Web Development Tool

Pingdom Any web developer who is worth their salt knows the importance of tools like Pingdom. Pingdom is a website monitoring tool that essentially “pings” IPs and returns live statuses regarding up-time. For Android it is available in two versions. Its basic version costs an inexpensive $9.95 per month, while the business version goes for $39.95.

Pingdom for Android builds on a very similar experience to it’s browser based counter part. Pingdom sends a notification to your Android phone every time your server or website is down, using a combination of SMS, e-mail and twitter alerts. It also allows effective and comprehensive status monitoring of your site.

Unique features include multiple monitoring options (from 5 to 30 sites or servers simultaneously). And a solid testing system that prevents false positives by performing multiple tests, including HTTP, TCP, SMTP, and IMAP. This will ensure that you only receive alerts when a critical issue is detected.

Pingdom does not only alert you when a problem occurs. It also has the capability to perform additional analytical tests (such as trace-routes) in order to find the best way to fix the issue.

For further information and a free 30-day trial visit Pingdom.


3) AndFTP Android Web Development Tool

AndFTP Next up – a tool that every web developer is familiar with on their desktop – the ftp client. AndFTP is a free application from LysesOft. This application manages not only FTP, but SFTP, FTPS, and SCP servers from your Android device. AndFTP brings all the functions of your desktop FTP client to your fingertips, in a truly mobile context.

AndFTP remotely uploads, downloads, deletes and synchronizes files and folders. It does so smoothly and securely, thanks to its private key authentication support feature. AndFTP allows you to change file and folder permissions remotely, turning itself into an indispensable tool for webmasters on the go.

More information, a graphic overview, and downloads are possible from the developer’s site at Lysesoft.


4) WebMaster’s HTML Editor Android Web Development Tool

WebMaster's HTML Editor If you are thinking about updating HTML on the fly you might be a little disappointed by the standard text-editor on your android device. Have no fear for Webmaster’s HTML Editor can certainly help!

Webmaster’s HTML Editor is a hand-held integrated development environment. This application facilitates website development and design. This app, developed by Welant, comes in two versions. The Lite version is available for free, while the Pro costs a minimal $4,99.

Webmaster’s HTML Editor features a smart set of buttons that make HTML and PHP text input a breeze. Its syntax highlighting element supports JavaScript and CSS files, in addition to the obvious HTML and PHP. One of the best selling points of this application is its Quick Preview feature, which provides you with a sneak peek of the end result while you are editing your codes.

More details are available from the developer’s website at Welant.


5) Magic Color Picker Android Web Development Tool

Magic Color PickerFinally for those slightly more design focused web people out there comes Magic Colour.

The application supports HEX, RGB, HSL and YUV formats and its interface is 100% intuitive, in order to maximize your designing experience. You can create not only the exact color that your website needs, but also adjust the hue, saturation and brightness for a truly personalized output.

Magic Color Picker is a color selection tool that cannot be missing from any developer or graphic designer’s repertoire. This is a free Android application created by Song Siyu.

To install Magic Color Picker, visit Aandroidpit.


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